Wednesday 1 April 2020


The al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade murdered a police officer in a suicide attack in Jerusalem.  The bomber was driving towards the city centre when he was pulled over at a police checkpoint.  It was around 20:45 as the young policeman approached the vehicle and asked the driver for his documents.  It was at this point the terrorist detonated his bomb, killing the 19-year-old and injuring three of his colleagues.

The bomber was thought to be en route to a busy city centre target where his device could have killed many civilians.  The dead policeman was Tomer Mordechai, a trainee sent to reinforce the regular police at the height of the Second Intifada.  His commander gave a eulogy at his funeral: "Your determination, willingness to sacrifice and courage saved the lives of many Israeli citizens.  We resolve to continue in your path, the path of bravery".  Mordechai was buried in his native Tel Aviv, survived by his parents and sister.

Tomer Mordechai

In 2004 Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn praised the leader of al-Aqsa in two early day motions in the House of Commons.  He described Marwan Barghouti as an "ambassador of peace", despite Barghouti's conviction for five murders and various other terrorist offences in Israel.