Thursday 9 April 2020


Keir Starmer spoke to Robert Peston last night and confirmed that prior to Boris Johnson's hospitalisation, the Prime Minister had bent over backwards to accommodate the new Labour leader.  Starmer has full access to all the latest information on the fight to contain Covid-19.

Despite the seemingly amicable co-operation, Starmer has spent the first few days of his leadership viciously attacking the government over its handling of Covid-19, including a highly critical article in the Sunday Times.  When Peston asks him why he can't scrutinise the government 'on the inside' as well as the outside, Starmer awkwardly dodges the question.  Why?  Because Starmer wants to continue attacking the government publicly and make as much political capital out of the crisis as possible.  In this respect he really is no different to his predecessor.

Not quite sure why Sir Squeaky gave his interview from a dark residential street - was he scared he would wake his wife up or is there something he doesn't want us to see on his bookshelf?