Thursday 2 April 2020


Voting in the Labour leadership election finally closed today after five weeks of voting.  The absurdity of its length is perhaps best summed up by the fact last year's Tory leadership contest was wrapped up in six weeks from start to finish, including two weeks of voting.  The Labour contest has taken three months to complete.

The winner is expected to be announced on Saturday via press release.

Keir Starmer's odds have shortened even further since last week and he now stands odds on at 1/100 with all the major bookies.  Long-Bailey remains around the 33/1 mark while Lisa Nandy's odds have drifted to around 50/1.  Angela Rayner is expected to win the deputy leadership election.

Latest leadership odds (Ladbrokes)

Keir Starmer 1/100
Rebecca Long-Bailey 33/1
Lisa Nandy 50/1

Two days until we discover which loser wins