Tuesday 28 April 2020


During the coronacrisis Richard Burgon has been relentlessly attacking the government via his Twitter account and yesterday got the chance to do it via the virtual Parliament.  Unfortunately he suffered a horrendous malfunction that left him inaudible.  The clown prince of the loony left sounded like a broken Dalek and the deputy speaker had to step in.  She gave his internet connection a second chance and it briefly recovered before faltering again, just as he was getting into full flow of his verbal attack.  He was in the midst of blaming austerity and capitalism dating back forty years for NHS shortages, even though the NHS has so far coped admirably.  Like most Corbynistas he regards 13 years of Labour government equivalent to Tory rule.  Watch below for his luckless humiliation.

As one Twitter user sarcastically put it, daft Dickie's loss of connection was a 'classic neo-liberal conspiracy' to silence him - 5G to blame no doubt!