Thursday 9 April 2020


Hard left Democrat Bernie Sanders has suspended his presidential campaign, effectively handing the gig to Joe Biden.  Sanders had been defiant for weeks, despite an increasing number of defeats stretched his deficit to more than 300 delegates.  He ended his campaign before votes in the latest primary were even counted, albeit he is expected to lose Wisconsin as well.

He announced his decision in a video statement yesterday from one of his three homes.  Yes, this multi-millionaire socialist owns three properties, but as always the hypocrisy appears to be lost on the socialist.  He's still not as wealthy as Jeremy Corbyn though.  Corbyn expressed 'solidarity' with Sanders last night.

The 'struggle' is not likely to have either of these two rich old guys fronting it again.  Corbyn is 70, Sanders is 78.  Solidarity is a very apt word because they now share something else in common - a total rejection of their policies by the electorate.  They also respond to their defeats in a similar manner.  We've all heard Corbyn and his allies claim that they 'won the argument', despite the worst Labour election since 1935.  In conceding to Biden, Sanders tells his supporters that they 'are winning the ideological battle' and concludes the same sentence by saying that his campaign 'will not be successful'.  It never ceases to amaze how reds spin victory from humiliating defeat...

Current state of US Democratic presidential primaries

(1,991 delegates required for nomination)

Joe Biden 1,217
Bernie Sanders 914