Thursday 29 April 2021


Keir Starmer has been ridiculed over a cheap political stunt involving John Lewis wallpaper.  As he toured Lancashire on Thursday the Labour leader popped into the Trafford Centre branch and posed for a series of photographs in the home decor section.  The photo op was a not so subtle dig at the Prime Minister's flat renovation and although his face was obscured by a face mask, one could imagine a smug grin had broken out underneath the fabric.

However, many Labour activists will have legitimate concerns about whether this was appropriate use of their leader's time so close to his first major electoral test.  The childish stunt coincided with a new YouGov poll showing that despite all their posturing about Tory sleaze, Starmer's party had gone nowhere.  The poll was carried out earlier this week and suggests the Tories had actually increased their lead.  The irony was not lost on Twitter user Peter Costen...


As Keir Starmer and his party trundles on desperately looking for something significant to campaign on, one thing is already in the bag - the postal votes.  Labour began plugging postal votes for the forthcoming elections up to six months ago.  It was a well calculated move.  At that point no-one had any idea how long the second wave of coronavirus would last and how it would affect turnout.  Labour marketed a postal vote as the 'safe' way to vote.  Meanwhile, as per usual, the other parties did next to nothing on appealing for postal votes.

The postal vote is an insidious election weapon deployed by the left at every election, especially in inner city areas with a certain demographic.  It is why they will resist at all costs any notion of clamping down on postal voting or requirements for voter ID.

There is currently a huge row raging in the US over new voting laws in the state of Georgia.  Postal voters there will now have to provide some form of identification - the law was initiated by Republicans and, of course, has been staunchly contested by Democrats.  In last year's US elections the Democrats scored massive victories, securing both the presidency and both legislative houses.  They achieved this largely thanks to postal voting.

No-one will forget the way in which the 2020 US presidential election swung suddenly and inexplicably in favour of Joe Biden once postal votes were dumped overnight in key states - not least Donald Trump.  UK Labour wasted no time in jumping on the back of Biden's success and made no secret of their inspiration...

Sadiq Khan also referenced Trump's defeat in one of his many video pleas for postal votes over the course of the last six months (click below).

Last month another video was released by Khan's campaign, this time featuring a Democrat politician from the state of Georgia.  In a scripted monologue Stacey Abrams urged voters in London to register for a postal vote so that a victory for Khan could deliver a 'more inclusive and equal future'.  One suspects that in this dystopian future some people will be more equal than others...

Khan has been one of Labour's biggest individual proponents of postal votes.  Although opinion polls suggest he is nailed on for victory next week, Khan's huge ego means he will settle for nothing less than a thumping win.  In a further reference to Biden's victory, he even demanded that the controversial Dominion vote counting machines used in the US elections were deployed for the London mayoral election.  It was later confirmed that the result of this election would not be announced until at least Sunday 9 May, due to social distancing measures for counting.  Such a long delay to the result also harks back to the drawn-out conclusion to the US presidential election.

Make no mistake, when the postal ballots are emptied across the UK next week, they will be almost entirely for one party.

Wednesday 28 April 2021


A man convicted in 2008 of electoral fraud has been pictured alongside Labour activists campaigning for the local elections in Peterborough.  Tariq Mahmood received a 15 month prison term in relation to fraudulent postal votes in the city.  He was convicted alongside another Labour activist and Mohammed Chaudhary, former Labour mayor of Peterborough.

Despite the photographic evidence that emerged over the weekend, Labour has denied that Mahmood is part of their campaign team ahead of the May 6 elections.  A spokesperson told the Peterborough Telegraph: "Mr Mahmood is not a member of the Labour Party.  He does not have a role within our campaign and he is not permitted to have access to Labour Party data or technology.  We have robust systems in place to protect the integrity of the vote".  However, in the photo (see below) he is seen pointing to a piece of paper that may be a copy of the electoral roll.  None of the four men in the photo are holding bundles of leaflets, so the activity in question appears to be a canvassing session, in direct contradiction to Labour's claim of denial.

Tariq Mahmood (circled) pictured on Saturday

As for Mahmood, he told the Telegraph that he merely bumped into the activists as he was on his way to get a hair cut (despite the fact he's bald): "There were people standing there with a couple of boards and I had a picture with them.  I am 100 per cent not part of their campaign".  What is that piece of paper you're holding then Tariq?  A discount flyer for the barbers?

This is not the first time Mahmood has been seen out and about with Labour activists.  He was a prominent figure in the Peterborough by-election of 2019, which Labour narrowly won ahead of an expected gain for the Brexit Party.  Mahmood was photographed several times on Labour's campaign trail and even attended the count, but again the party denied that he was part of their campaign.

Tariq Mahmood pictured with Labour's candidate Lisa Forbes, who would later
win the Peterborough by-election in controversial circumstances

Mahmood pictured shaking hands with then Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
during the Peterborough by-election campaign in 2019

Mahmood was present again in this publicity shot

Mahmood took this selfie as Labour activists celebrated Labour's narrow
victory at the election count

The aftermath of the Peterborough by-election was marred by allegations of electoral fraud, although Cambridgeshire Constabularly later dropped their investigation citing a lack of evidence.

Mahmood was also prominent in Labour's local election campaign a couple of months earlier and posted 23 photos from the campaign trail to his Facebook page, writing: "Brilliant day out campaigning for Labour today".  The party's persistent claims that he has nothing to do with them is not simply unbelievable, it's a blatant lie.

Mahmood pictured with disgraced Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya


Saturday's huge anti-lockdown demonstration can now be seen from the air in a compilation video uploaded to social media.  The video is entitled 'Humanity on their feet' and carries the hashtag #DareToThink.  Remember that this is the protest that the BBC refused to acknowledge, despite giving extensive coverage to previous much smaller protests by leftist groups such as Sisters Uncut, Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion.  There are legitimate questions to be asked about this blackout, namely why are Marxist causes of more importance to the viewing public?  Whose agenda is being served by this - the BBC or something much bigger?

The video is produced by Oracle Films and can be seen by clicking below or on YouTube.

BTLP does not necessarily endorse messages conveyed by Oracle Films in its previous work.


PMQs got under way around twenty minutes later than usual today.  In order to skip to PMQs forward the video to 22min 12sec.

Tuesday 27 April 2021


Boris Johnson's glorious June 21 'end of all restrictions' is not merely a pipe dream, it's just another lie in the ongoing psychological warfare directed at the British public.  As Johnson announced that 'all restrictions' would end on this date, several tech companies were already developing a vaccine passport system on behalf of his government.  In line with the dystopian plan is a requirement for people to self-test twice weekly, a multi-billion pound scheme already in place in England, albeit voluntarily - for now.  A mandatory testing regime linked to a digital ID card or 'health passport' does not sound much like the end of all restrictions now does it?  Our government are Hell bent on replacing existing social control measures with another set of control measures, except this time they will usher in a sinister electronic surveillance state that will be anything but temporary.

Furthermore, there are existing control measures that are likely to continue beyond June 21.  Johnson's SAGE handlers have already recommended that the mask mandate and social distancing continue for another year and there is no indication that their puppet will do anything but agree.  There is nothing about ending the mask mandate in his road map out of lockdown.

Remember that a year ago face coverings were not required to be worn in any shop in the UK.  In fact it wasn't until the midst of summer that mask mandates began - long after the first wave of the virus had been and gone.  It didn't make sense then and to prolong it now - after the at risk groups have been vaccinated - makes no sense whatsoever.

However, this hasn't stopped sinister forces from continually promoting face masks as the 'new normal'.  Take the World Economic Forum, architects of the Great Reset.  They released a video last month featuring a smart mask that contains sensors which monitor breathing and CO2 build-up (yes, a brief admission that masks can be dangerous).  It will even warn the user via an app linked to their smart phone if they forget to put it on.  As is customary with many concepts pushed by the WEF, an environmental motive is proposed.  Click below for the video.

With the vaccines being rolled out and coronavirus in decline on both sides of the Atlantic, it is a curious point at which to launch a face mask promotion, but let's not forget that first and foremost the face covering is a symbol of compliance and submission.  Just look at the furious row that gripped America when several Republican states announced they were dropping their mask mandates.  Joe Biden called it 'neanderthal thinking', CNN hosts were outraged and yet weeks later coronavirus cases had continued to fall in those maskless states.  They weren't needed in places like Texas and Iowa.  They're not needed here, either.

A new petition on the UK government website demanding an end to the mask mandate has quickly amassed tens of thousands of signatures.  These people crave a return to a pre-pandemic normal, not a 'new normal'.  The at risk groups have been vaccinated, the virus is on its arse and people are beginning to defy the lockdown en masse.  A conversation about the mask mandate needs to begin urgently, and yes, it's time to stand out from the crowd...

Monday 26 April 2021


In an interview with Andrew Marr on Sunday, Angela Rayner was typically self-righteous in her condemnation of the PM's costly refurb.  The public deserved answers "because it's taxpayers' money" exclaimed Rayner.

Somehow she managed to passionately argue her case with a straight face and no sense of shame.  It has been less than two months since her own obscene abuse of the taxpayer came to light.  On top of £1,600 worth of first class train tickets, she blew more than two thousand pounds on top of the range Apple tech and accessories.  It's a wonder that Marr didn't bring that up.

Click below for the clip.

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The socialist governments in Scotland and Wales have finally allowed hospitality venues to reopen - two weeks after England.  Nicola Sturgeon has gone one step further than Boris Johnson and Mark Drakeford, in that venues can open indoors, but only until 20:00 and no alcohol is allowed (another absurd rule in these absurd times).

One man, it seems, was allowed to sup a pint in Wales before the mere mortals (aka plebs).  Sir Squeaky was visiting a Wrexham brewery on Thursday and as part of his photo op poured himself a pint.  Welsh Tory leader Andrew RT Davies wasn't best pleased with the Labour leader's timing...

RT Davies will be similarly bemused by his party's recent poll slump in Wales.  In the most recent poll, conducted 18-21 April, his party have dropped six points and are now level pegging with Plaid Cymru. During the same period Labour have bizarrely gained three points.

Senedd Constituency Poll (ITV Cymru)

Lab 35% (+3)
Con 24% (-6)
Plaid 24% (+1)
Reform 4% (+1)
LDem 3% (-2)
Green 3% (+1)
AWAP 3% (+1)
Other 3% (+2)

In polling for regional seats (Senedd voters get two votes, one constituency and one regional), the Tories are lagging in third place.  However, despite Labour's lead they are still polling around five seats short of a majority and overall would be three seats down from 2016.  In 2016 they were able to govern thanks to the addition of a solitary Lib Dem.  This time around that wouldn't be enough and they are widely expected to reach out to the separatist socialists of Plaid Cymru in the event they fail to win enough seats to form a majority by themselves.

Senedd Regional Poll (ITV Cymru)

Lab 33% (+2)
Plaid 23% (+1)
Con 22% (-6)
AWAP 7% (-)
Green 5% (+2)
LDem 4% (-)
Other 6% (+4)

AWAP = Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party

The sample size was 1,142 and changes are against ITV Cymru's poll conducted 16-19 March.


While BBC News refused to cover the huge anti-lockdown protest on Saturday, the unshackled platform of Sky News Australia was not only happy to give it airtime, but gave protesters their blessing.  On conservative show 'Outsiders' co-hosts Rowan Dean and Rita Panahi lashed out at 'lockdown lunacy' and Dean called out what many on the right in Britain are already well aware of - Boris Johnson is not a conservative.

Click below for the video.

Rowan Dean appears to be quite the fan of Laurence Fox, despite the fact the Reclaim Party leader considers himself more of a liberal than a conservative.  In keeping with his outspoken opposition to Covid lockdowns, Fox was at the demonstration on Saturday and spoke to former BBC and ITV reporter Anna Brees (see video below).

Note that once again Fox was shadowed by the former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney, whose ever presence in the Reclaim camp further blurs the lines between Reclaim and what is now known as Reform UK.  With Farage and Tice backing Fox for London mayor and Fox backing Reform UK for the London Assembly one wonders why they don't just join forces.  Egos play a large part - both Fox and Tice relish the spotlight, but they are also awaiting the outcome of these elections in order to assess each other's electoral potential.  Given our descent into tyranny courtesy of the main parties, the UK is screaming for a viable alternative.

Sunday 25 April 2021


Labour are desperate to cling onto Hartlepool in the big by-election just eleven days away now.  Sir Squeaky has already hit the Hartlepool campaign trail several times, while plenty of other prominent Labour figures have also paid a visit - including Rayner, Nandy, Ashworth, Hilary Benn, that dreadful scarecrow woman who is their shadow chancellor and, wait for it, Peter Mandelson.  Yes that's right, they've brought in the most controversial MP in Hartlepool's history at the same time as spitting feathers over 'Tory sleaze'.  The irony is clearly lost on Starmer's Labour.

Just a reminder that Mandelson had to resign from Tony Blair's Cabinet twice over financial scandals.  The first time around Blair declared that Mandy had to go in order to keep the New Labour brand in 'stark contrast' to the sleaze-ridden Tories.  However, Blair restored Mandelson to the Cabinet just ten months later.  Fourteen months then passed before he was forced to resign again.  On both occasions he refused to admit he'd done anything wrong.

Now if New Labour were really the virtuous flip side of the dastardly sleazy Tories, one would have expected the party to give Mandelson a wide birth after that second resignation (and his departure as MP for Hartlepool).  Not a chance.  Mandelson was appointed an EU commissioner three years later and in 2008 was given a life peerage by Blair's successor Gordon Brown.

Meanwhile, back in the present day Labour's by-election candidate in Hartlepool managed to squeeze his Mandelson promo video in between tweets attacking Tory sleaze.  You couldn't make it up.

Like Mandelson, Dr Williams is originally from the south of England.


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24.04.21 - Grizelda, Spectator

Saturday 24 April 2021


Saturday's anti-lockdown demonstration in London was by far the biggest of the pandemic with tens of thousands of marchers on the streets.  Despite the huge numbers, the BBC refused to cover the protest.  No surprise there, as of 21:00 there had been just two arrests all day and there was little scope in which the Beeb could cover the protest without giving their own game away.

The bulk of anger among protesters was aimed at the UK government's determination to introduce vaccine passports into daily life.  The sinister intrusion into post-pandemic liberty exposes the lie that 'all restrictions will end' in June.

There were no face masks or social distancing in place at the protest, much to the feigned horror of news outlets.  Twitter was awash with disparaging tweets from #FBPE Remainers and sneering celebs as 
#covidiots predictably trended and claims of a 'fourth lockdown' and 'third wave' were banded about as many accompanied their tweets with images from Covid-hit India.  When farmers hit the streets of Delhi in their thousands a few months ago, one wonders if Twitter users were condemning those protesters with images of Covid-hit Britain.  Doubtful, as there were no distressing images to share - think on that for a second.

Imagine such a huge protest in the centre of London and blanket silence from the national broadcaster.  Think on that too.

Friday 23 April 2021


Saturday's 'Unite for Freedom' protest in central London will be the second large-scale anti-lockdown gathering this year.  As it begins to dawn on many that restrictions will not end as promised on June 21, this one promises to be even bigger than the first.  Among the thousands participating in the protest will be the Daily Telegraph's resident lockdown sceptic Bob Moran.

Moran's cartoons have presented a sharp and cynical appraisal of the establishment's response to the pandemic.  He has also expressed some strong views via his Twitter account, leading some lockdown enthusiasts to demand that the Telegraph give him the boot.  Thankfully, Bob's artistic talent and popularity has saved him from the cancel mob thus far.

Writing about his decision to march for the first time in his life, Bob wrote the following thread on Twitter:
"I have never been on a protest march before.  Previously, they never made sense to me.  I doubted their ability to influence events and always thought there were more effective ways of opposing things you disagreed with.

This time it's different.  This time I'm marching. 
Over the past year we have lived through the greatest assault on our fundamental rights and freedoms in living memory.  We have seen the total abandonment of moral principles and rational thought.  Absolutely none of it has been justifiable and our institutions have failed us. 
Parliament, the judiciary, the media, the education system, the health service; all of the people who were supposed to protect us from something like this happening, ALL of them, have aided and abetted the country's descent into mass-psychosis and tyrannical rule.  
What other option do we have but to gather together and make our voices heard?  You don't have to believe any of this was a 'hoax'.  It doesn't matter whether you think the virus exists.  It doesn't matter whether you believe the death count.  You don't need to believe in the Great Reset or Agenda 2030 or Bill Gates being the Antichrist. 
All that matters is that you understand that what has taken place is horrifyingly immoral and dangerous.  And that it needs to stop.  Now. 
And no, perhaps marching against this won't help to stop it.  But if there are enough of us, then maybe history might just record that when this evil occurred, not everybody just stuck on a mask & went along with it.  That some of us stood up and said 'No'.  This is not the world we want to leave our children.  This is not a society we will help to build. 
If you only protest against one thing in your life, make it this.  Let's flood the streets of London this weekend with humanity, morality, common-sense and peaceful conviction.  It's not just about ending this.  It's about ensuring it never, ever, happens again".

Bob also added a new cartoon to his Twitter feed, themed around the reclaiming of freedom and certainly with Saturday's protest in mind...

Protesters will gather in central London from 13:00 on Saturday.


Scottish Labour's new leader faced accusations of hypocrisy as he launched his party's Holyrood manifesto on Thursday.  In traditional socialist fashion, the 114-page manifesto contains criticism of private schools, stating: "Scottish Labour will end all public sector support for fee-paying private schools, implementing the recommendations made by the Barclay Review to end their charitable status for rates relief as a contribution towards achieving a more socially just and inclusive society".

It will of course come as no surprise that Anas Sarwar sends his own children to a private school.  Like many Labour politicians before him, he is guilty of the rank hypocrisy of 'do as I say, not as I do'.

At the manifesto launch he was asked when he'd first realised that private schools were a threat to a 'more socially just and inclusive society'.  He replied: "I have supported this policy ever since Kez Dugdale was leader and it was first proposed in our manifesto, and I proudly support it now.  I’m open about the fair question and the fair criticism that people make around the decision that my wife and I made for our children.  Every parent wants to do what’s best for their children, but I want every child to have opportunity".

Sarwar was then probed further on the matter several times, one reporter asking if he accepted accusations that he was 'a humbug and a hypocrite'.  "You can call me whatever you like, I've been called worse than that" was his response.  "Is it an accurate criticism?" he was pushed again.  Sarwar: "As I’ve made clear before, I accept it’s a fair criticism.  I’ve been open and honest about this.  There are different forms of inequality and prejudice that my children will face that other children won’t face.  That still means I accept the criticism around the choice that I’ve made for my children’s own education".

Sarwar didn't elaborate on what inequalities and prejudice his children would face, but there are plenty of fellow Asian pupils at their school - Hutchesons' Grammar School in Glasgow.  There is even a Muslim assembly once a month.  According to The Herald, school fees there currently range from £9,812 to £12,649 per pupil per year.  That's peanuts for the Sarwar family, whose political dynasty began in Scotland with his father Mohammad Sarwar.

Mohammad moved to the UK from Pakistan in 1976 and later founded a cash and carry chain, United Wholesale Grocers.  By 2017 the firm had a turnover of £234 million.  He became a Glasgow city councillor in 1992 and in 1997 was elected MP for Glasgow Govan.  In 2010 he stood down and was replaced by his son Anas.  Anas was kicked out of Westminster in the 2015 SNP surge, but was elected to Holyrood a year later.

Meanwhile, his father returned to his native Pakistan, renounced his British citizenship and is currently the governor of Punjab province.  This followed his failure to obtain a peerage in 2010.  A life peerage had been recommended by outgoing Prime Minister Gordon Brown, but was reportedly blocked by HMRC due to concerns about his financial dealings.  At that time Mohammad's other son Athif was awaiting an appeal against a conviction for fraud, relating to money laundering.  He was cleared in 2011.

Thursday 22 April 2021


Lee Waters with Mark Drakeford

A Labour minister in Wales has apologised after he criticised the level of news coverage in relation to the Derek Chauvin trial.  Lee Waters is the deputy minister for transport in the Welsh government and MS for Llanelli.  Waters tweeted his disquiet while watching the News at Ten on Tuesday night (see below screenshot, tweet has since been deleted).

We'll gloss over his spelling error and go straight to the controversy itself.  News coverage of events in the United States over the last eleven months has not only been excessive, it's been downright misleading and could be argued that it has contributed to copycat violence in Britain.  A Labour politician would never call out the false narrative, but in raising objections to the level of media coverage, Waters still has a valid point.

The problem is the fact he apologised for it.  To apologise for something so trivial is indicative of the cult-like status achieved by BLM and its saint - the career criminal George Floyd.  The hysteria whipped up by his innocuous tweet led to a barrage of abuse for Waters, so much so that within half an hour he'd deleted it and apologised. 

However, as we know, apologies do not cancel the mob.  Both Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats later piled in with their own howls of virtue signalling anguish.  A Plaid spokesperson said: "Lee Waters' tweet was highly inappropriate, ill-judged and thoughtless.  The murder of George Floyd and the subsequent trial is of worldwide significance and a potent reminder that so much more needs to be done to tackle structural and institutional racism - including here in Wales".  Such hand-wringing far left nonsense is worthy of Labour itself.

The Welsh Lib Dems added: "To make the comparison between the death of an individual at the hands of the police and his opinion of political coverage in Wales is both foolish and exceptionally poor judgment.  We're glad to see he's deleted his tweet".  The Lib Dems won one seat in the last Senedd election.

It's high time people in the spotlight stopped bowing down to the followers of the BLM cult and realised that beyond the establishment hardly anyone cares about BLM and/or criminals who have been killed thousands of miles away.  It's too late for Labour, but a party that opts out of kneeling before this unpleasant anti-British bunch of Marxist bullies is the party that will win over the working classes.