Tuesday 27 April 2021


Boris Johnson's glorious June 21 'end of all restrictions' is not merely a pipe dream, it's just another lie in the ongoing psychological warfare directed at the British public.  As Johnson announced that 'all restrictions' would end on this date, several tech companies were already developing a vaccine passport system on behalf of his government.  In line with the dystopian plan is a requirement for people to self-test twice weekly, a multi-billion pound scheme already in place in England, albeit voluntarily - for now.  A mandatory testing regime linked to a digital ID card or 'health passport' does not sound much like the end of all restrictions now does it?  Our government are Hell bent on replacing existing social control measures with another set of control measures, except this time they will usher in a sinister electronic surveillance state that will be anything but temporary.

Furthermore, there are existing control measures that are likely to continue beyond June 21.  Johnson's SAGE handlers have already recommended that the mask mandate and social distancing continue for another year and there is no indication that their puppet will do anything but agree.  There is nothing about ending the mask mandate in his road map out of lockdown.

Remember that a year ago face coverings were not required to be worn in any shop in the UK.  In fact it wasn't until the midst of summer that mask mandates began - long after the first wave of the virus had been and gone.  It didn't make sense then and to prolong it now - after the at risk groups have been vaccinated - makes no sense whatsoever.

However, this hasn't stopped sinister forces from continually promoting face masks as the 'new normal'.  Take the World Economic Forum, architects of the Great Reset.  They released a video last month featuring a smart mask that contains sensors which monitor breathing and CO2 build-up (yes, a brief admission that masks can be dangerous).  It will even warn the user via an app linked to their smart phone if they forget to put it on.  As is customary with many concepts pushed by the WEF, an environmental motive is proposed.  Click below for the video.

With the vaccines being rolled out and coronavirus in decline on both sides of the Atlantic, it is a curious point at which to launch a face mask promotion, but let's not forget that first and foremost the face covering is a symbol of compliance and submission.  Just look at the furious row that gripped America when several Republican states announced they were dropping their mask mandates.  Joe Biden called it 'neanderthal thinking', CNN hosts were outraged and yet weeks later coronavirus cases had continued to fall in those maskless states.  They weren't needed in places like Texas and Iowa.  They're not needed here, either.

A new petition on the UK government website demanding an end to the mask mandate has quickly amassed tens of thousands of signatures.  These people crave a return to a pre-pandemic normal, not a 'new normal'.  The at risk groups have been vaccinated, the virus is on its arse and people are beginning to defy the lockdown en masse.  A conversation about the mask mandate needs to begin urgently, and yes, it's time to stand out from the crowd...