Saturday 3 April 2021


As we predicted multiple times on these pages, the diabolical vaccine passport scheme is thundering ahead as planned.  However, this could potentially be a turning point in the fight for freedom.  The backlash has been immense, from libertarian groups to breweries and - crucially - a lot of MPs from across the political spectrum.  Voices are so loud and prominent that even the broadcast media has aired their concerns.  Remember that up to this point the likes of the BBC, Sky and ITV have merely acted as propaganda arms of the government and all dissenting voices have been snuffed out or smeared.

The next few months will test Boris Johnson's subservience to the globalist machine.  We know that he is not averse to u-turns, but total social control of the entire population is a far more serious matter than free school meals and how children are graded.  It's also the tip of the iceberg.  If this scheme becomes part of our daily lives it will be a slippery slope to much worse things to come.  When Johnson and his ministers suggest that the scheme would be 'temporary' we all know that such things never are.  All the restrictions on our lives following the September 11 attacks remained in place in perpetuity.  They have become accepted.  Domestic vaccine passports will not only be permanent, they will extend into other areas of control and discrimination.

When it dawns on our new totalitarian overlords that people begin to reject pubs and other social arenas in favour of dinner parties, house parties and mass gatherings in public places such as parks, further controls will be demanded.  In any case, we know Johnson is a liar.  He and his ministers told us that the passport scheme would never happen, repeatedly.  If they get away with this, then all liberty is up for grabs and they know it.

This is not about a virus any more.  Some people still can't see it, but they have been blinkered by fear and 24/7 news propaganda.  The rapid decline in the virus will awaken more and more as cases and deaths dwindle to almost nothing.  At some point only a total moron would not ask valid questions as to why their lives are being controlled and restricted in such a way when the virus has largely disappeared.

Worryingly, the scheme could be implemented without a Parliamentary vote.  Many of the MPs who have pledged to oppose the scheme should take note of this, for they recently backed the extension of the Coronavirus Act that would allow the government to bypass democracy.  They are up to their necks in this, regardless of their newfound libertarian stance.  Whether they will be able to redeem themselves in a Parliamentary vote remains to be seen.

The scale of Parliamentary opposition is impressive, but it is the nature of the alliance that suggests it can only grow from here.  20 of the 21 Labour MPs who have pledged to oppose the scheme are members of the Socialist Campaign Group.  While there is a great degree of irony in that, their votes count just as much as anyone's.  Some Labour moderates will also oppose the scheme, regardless of which direction Starmer decides to drag his party in.  Most DUP MPs have consistently opposed restrictions too, despite Northern Ireland not being affected.  Every vote will count - if MPs are given the opportunity.

The full list of MPs currently pledged to oppose domestic vaccine passports is as follows.

Conservative MPs (41)

Adam Afriyie
Steve Baker
Harriett Baldwin
Bob Blackman
Peter Bone
Ben Bradley
Graham Brady
Andrew Bridgen
Paul Bristow
Philip Davies
Jonathan Djanogly
Richard Drax
Iain Duncan Smith
Nus Ghani
Chris Green
Mark Harper
Philip Hollobone
Adam Holloway
David Jones
Simon Jupp
Andrew Lewer
Julian Lewis
Craig Mackinlay
Karl McCartney
Stephen McPartland
Esther McVey
Anthony Mangnall
Andrew Mitchell
Anne Marie Morris
John Redwood
Andrew Rosindell
Greg Smith
Henry Smith
Julian Sturdy
Desmond Swayne
Robert Syms
Craig Tracey
Charles Walker
Jamie Wallis
David Warburton
William Wragg

Labour MPs (21)

Diane Abbott
Tahir Ali
Apsana Begum
Richard Burgon
Dawn Butler
Ian Byrne
Mary Foy
Rachel Hopkins
Ian Lavery
Clive Lewis
Rebecca Long Bailey
John McDonnell
Ian Mearns
Grahame Morris
Kate Osborne
Bell Ribeiro-Addy
Zarah Sultana
Mick Whitley
Nadia Whittome
Beth Winter

Liberal Democrat MPs (10)

Alistair Carmichael
Wendy Chamberlain
Daisy Cooper
Ed Davey
Tim Farron
Christine Jardine
Layla Moran
Sarah Olney
Jamie Stone
Munira Wilson

Independent MPs

Jeremy Corbyn
Claudia Webbe

If Johnson smells potential defeat in any Parliamentary vote, there is every likelihood he will deploy the scheme under the emergency provisions.  After-all, it's no coincidence that he wanted to extend the Act beyond the point at which he claims 'all restrictions will end' - something that with the advent of vaccine passports we know to be a lie.  If he bypasses Parliamentary democracy (again), lists of MPs will become largely irrelevant, although such an act would expose the totalitarian nature of post-Covid life.  People were told that the vaccines would set them free, but instead they will have entered a dystopian future where the government has total control over their lives, despite the supposed motive for it - a 99 per cent survivable virus - having been almost eradicated.

WE MUST END THIS NOW.  Write to your MP, write to your local newspaper, call the radio station, put a sign in your window, attend protests, spread the word.  The emergency is over, it's time to reclaim our freedom.  We are many, they are few.