Monday 5 April 2021


The vilification of the Union flag has become a hot topic recently - from the mocking of Robert Jenrick's flag by BBC presenters to the removal of the flag from Pimlico School in London.  As ever, the degradation of our national symbols comes from the left.

Therefore, it may come as no great surprise to find Labour politicians expressing animosity towards the flag.  In WhatsApp messages leaked to the Daily Mail, local election candidates and sitting councillors in Warrington lashed out at the flag recently.

The internal debate was sparked by former Warrington South MP, Faisal Rashid.  He asked group members their thoughts on a Good Morning Britain debate about whether Union flags should fly all year round.  Amy Brookes, candidate for Penketh and Cuerdley replied: "Personally I don't agree with it, many use the flag to push non-inclusive agendas".

Ex-MP Faisal Rashid and council candidates Amy Brookes and Robin Frith

"Another move from the Fascist playbook" added the candidate for Appleton ward, Robin Frith.  Cllr Paul Warburton chimed in: "Next step: teaching the national anthem in schools and the singing of it each morning at the raising of the flag".  Cllr Rebecca Knowles: "It's chilling.  There's nothing at all wrong about being proud of your nationality but this all feels pretty creepy and I must say as the mum of a biracial family it makes me feel very nervous indeed".

Momentum activist and council candidate Kenny Watson predictably lashed out at Keir Starmer (or Keiran, as he wrote it): "The problem is we're going along with this narrative.  Have you noticed Kieran Starmer's announcements now have the union flag in the background?"

Cllrs Paul Warburton and Rebecca Knowles, and candidate Kenny Watson

Surprisingly, no-one appeared to complain about the fact that local leaflets being distributed in Warrington featured a Union flag background, as seen in the recent Charlotte Nichols episode.  It seems that these candidates and their activists are happy to present the party to patriotic working class voters in such a way, while disparaging the flag in private.  Their animosity towards our national flag also begs the question: If not the Union flag, what alternative do they suggest...