Friday 23 April 2021


Saturday's 'Unite for Freedom' protest in central London will be the second large-scale anti-lockdown gathering this year.  As it begins to dawn on many that restrictions will not end as promised on June 21, this one promises to be even bigger than the first.  Among the thousands participating in the protest will be the Daily Telegraph's resident lockdown sceptic Bob Moran.

Moran's cartoons have presented a sharp and cynical appraisal of the establishment's response to the pandemic.  He has also expressed some strong views via his Twitter account, leading some lockdown enthusiasts to demand that the Telegraph give him the boot.  Thankfully, Bob's artistic talent and popularity has saved him from the cancel mob thus far.

Writing about his decision to march for the first time in his life, Bob wrote the following thread on Twitter:
"I have never been on a protest march before.  Previously, they never made sense to me.  I doubted their ability to influence events and always thought there were more effective ways of opposing things you disagreed with.

This time it's different.  This time I'm marching. 
Over the past year we have lived through the greatest assault on our fundamental rights and freedoms in living memory.  We have seen the total abandonment of moral principles and rational thought.  Absolutely none of it has been justifiable and our institutions have failed us. 
Parliament, the judiciary, the media, the education system, the health service; all of the people who were supposed to protect us from something like this happening, ALL of them, have aided and abetted the country's descent into mass-psychosis and tyrannical rule.  
What other option do we have but to gather together and make our voices heard?  You don't have to believe any of this was a 'hoax'.  It doesn't matter whether you think the virus exists.  It doesn't matter whether you believe the death count.  You don't need to believe in the Great Reset or Agenda 2030 or Bill Gates being the Antichrist. 
All that matters is that you understand that what has taken place is horrifyingly immoral and dangerous.  And that it needs to stop.  Now. 
And no, perhaps marching against this won't help to stop it.  But if there are enough of us, then maybe history might just record that when this evil occurred, not everybody just stuck on a mask & went along with it.  That some of us stood up and said 'No'.  This is not the world we want to leave our children.  This is not a society we will help to build. 
If you only protest against one thing in your life, make it this.  Let's flood the streets of London this weekend with humanity, morality, common-sense and peaceful conviction.  It's not just about ending this.  It's about ensuring it never, ever, happens again".

Bob also added a new cartoon to his Twitter feed, themed around the reclaiming of freedom and certainly with Saturday's protest in mind...

Protesters will gather in central London from 13:00 on Saturday.