Sunday 18 April 2021


Floundering in the opinion polls, Labour are desperate for any angle to attack the Tories.  The David Cameron scandal has provided such an angle, only it is fraught with accusations of hypocrisy from a party whose last stint in power was marred by persistent accusations of sleaze and cronyism.

Labour frontbenchers Steve Reed and Rachel Reeves were happy to point the finger when interviewed by Sophy Ridge and Andrew Marr on Sunday, while repeatedly failing to provide any substance as to what Labour would do about the current lobbying rules.  Reeves stammered her way through tricky questions from Marr over similar accusations of sleaze against the former First Minister of Wales, Labour's own Carwyn Jones.

This is Labour right now, just huff and puff (no pun intended, Steve) - devoid of any ideas, guilty themselves of the things they accuse the government of and seen by many as just a pale imitation of the establishment stooges opposite.

Steve Reed on Sophy Ridge on Sunday

Rachel Reeves on The Andrew Marr Show

If only Labour had taken a stand against the never-ending coronavirus restrictions - instead of waving them through every time - then there would be no end of angles from which they could attack the government.  Unfortunately for them, Starmer's party defaulted to its natural nanny state position and will forever be tied to this disastrous policy.  Shame, losers.