Wednesday 14 April 2021


The PM looked into the camera and threw the vaccines under the bus

by Richey Edwards

In an astonishing interview on Tuesday the Prime Minister appeared to suggest that coronavirus vaccines are almost worthless in the fight against the virus.  This may come as no surprise to many people who have already received the jab(s) and found that the result is they are still subject to draconian restrictions that are set to last months, if not much longer.  Take the 82-year-old grandmother who was fined for 'anti-social behaviour' over the weekend for the dastardly 'crime' of attending her friend's 70th birthday party.  Attending a party is surely the antithesis of 'anti-social'?  Police Scotland begged to differ, despite her granddaughter's protestations that all the pensioners present at the so-called 'illegal gathering' had been fully vaccinated.

'Vaccines are our way out, they will set us free', the likes of Matt Hancock told us early on in the vaccination programme.  Well, now that all the at risk groups have reportedly been vaccinated surely there should be some freedom, but no - everyone must keep covering their faces, keep two metres apart and must not under any circumstances dare to gather with anyone outside their 'bubble' in an indoor space.  So, begs the question, what exactly is the point of these vaccines?

The vaccination programme in the UK has been heralded a great success for obvious reasons.  Almost half the population has received at least one jab in just five months.  This goes way beyond the now largely forgotten plan to inoculate the sick and elderly ie. those at risk from the virus.  The plan has since morphed from sick and elderly to all adults and now to children, despite the fact we were repeatedly told that children are not at any risk at all.  Like so many inexplicable expansions of the parameters during this pandemic, it is all about control.

Take face masks for instance.  No face masks were mandated during the first wave.  No, that came after the virus declined in the summer - a move that made no sense, but the overwhelming majority of people just nodded and went along with it.  The fact that mandatory face masks (and two lockdowns) did nothing to prevent a second wave in England appears to be lost on those same people and they continue to wear their masks despite the virus being almost eradicated (just 20 reported deaths - within 28 days of a positive test - across the UK last weekend).

The bizarre imposition of face masks on schoolchildren this year came at a similarly inexplicable moment ie. after the spread of the virus collapsed.  Why?  Surely the only logical reason was for the state to expand its authoritarian hold over parents to ensure that youngsters were equally obedient and compliant too.  At this point in the pandemic it simply cannot be argued that such rules are there for anything other than social control.

It was undoubtedly such totalitarian fervour that motivated Boris Johnson when he gave his remarkable interview on Tuesday.  Did he forget himself?  Has the tyranny of the past year gone to his head?  See for yourself below as he declares that it is lockdown and not vaccination that has reduced the virus to its current level...

Johnson was clearly so desperate to reiterate the value of lockdown that he was willing to sacrifice the glorious vaccines, those vials that we hear about 24/7 in what has been one of the largest scale propaganda operations of all time.  His forthright (and false) assessment is another step in the psychological warfare being waged against the British people.  As he's done with so many other things during this pandemic, he gives hope to millions and then takes it away.  'You can spend Christmas with your family', then at the last minute you can't!  'You won't need a passport to go to the pub', but yes you will.  'The vaccines will set you free', but no they won't.  'All restrictions will end on June 21', sorry that's not going to happen!  And on and on it goes.

It needn't be like this, this could all end on our terms, if and when we choose.  If everyone took off their face masks today there would be absolutely nothing that the government could do about it.  It would be a peaceful revolution, but a strong reminder that we are many and politicians are few.  Of course it's not likely to happen because so many of us are still captivated by the broadcast media and big tech narrative that has turned the masses into willing zombies.  It would only take a tiny amount of critical thinking to switch people back on, but that capability has been stripped away by more than twelve months of non-stop propaganda.

Anyone who exercises critical thinking is bizarrely denounced as an idiot or a conspiracy theorist by these dedicated cultists.  Really, please do tell why you are still wearing a face mask when daily deaths (with 28 days of a Covid positive test) were reduced to a single figure recently?  Fear is somehow still rampant, while the virus is not.  And of those seven deaths, how many were actually Covid deaths?  The Office for National Statistics has confirmed that 23 per cent of Covid deaths are not actually Covid deaths, but many of us already knew that.  The disclaimer 'within 28 days of a positive Covid test' is read out on the news every evening, but for many people the only figure that matters is the one that precedes the disclaimer.  Imagine that in January, when over a thousand people were reportedly dying of coronavirus every day, one in four of them had actually died of strokes, heart attacks, cancer, accidents, suicide, natural causes or the (magically disappearing) flu?  That's a lot of people who weren't dying of Covid, but just happened to test positive positive within 28 days.

The 28 days disclaimer is like a conjuring trick.  It's right in front of our eyes and yet for many it just doesn't consciously register at all.  It's not a lie per se, but there's plenty of lies going around.  One of the biggest lies of all is Johnson's claim that lockdown is responsible for the current decline in the virus.  Anyone with a pair of working eyeballs can see that the current lockdown has also been the most ignored.  Traffic has continued to flow and people have continued to gather.  Who can blame them?  To lock down in spring is one thing, but the cold dark winter months is another.  And yet despite all our covert gatherings, the virus has declined even more rapidly than it did last spring.

However, that's not the biggest factor in Johnson's lie.  January's lockdown announcement in England came after infections had peaked.  Infections were already in decline when we went into lockdown.  A cursory glance at the official coronavirus government dashboard reveals this stunning fact.  Johnson may not have been aware of this when we went into lockdown, given the time lag in reported cases, but he must be aware of it now.  Lockdown is a lie.  Perpetuating the lie that it is somehow responsible for beating the virus - even if that means throwing the vaccines under the bus - suggests that there are to be more lockdowns in the future.