Saturday 24 April 2021


Saturday's anti-lockdown demonstration in London was by far the biggest of the pandemic with tens of thousands of marchers on the streets.  Despite the huge numbers, the BBC refused to cover the protest.  No surprise there, as of 21:00 there had been just two arrests all day and there was little scope in which the Beeb could cover the protest without giving their own game away.

The bulk of anger among protesters was aimed at the UK government's determination to introduce vaccine passports into daily life.  The sinister intrusion into post-pandemic liberty exposes the lie that 'all restrictions will end' in June.

There were no face masks or social distancing in place at the protest, much to the feigned horror of news outlets.  Twitter was awash with disparaging tweets from #FBPE Remainers and sneering celebs as 
#covidiots predictably trended and claims of a 'fourth lockdown' and 'third wave' were banded about as many accompanied their tweets with images from Covid-hit India.  When farmers hit the streets of Delhi in their thousands a few months ago, one wonders if Twitter users were condemning those protesters with images of Covid-hit Britain.  Doubtful, as there were no distressing images to share - think on that for a second.

Imagine such a huge protest in the centre of London and blanket silence from the national broadcaster.  Think on that too.