Tuesday 6 April 2021


Keir Starmer has been forced into a humiliating apology after he visited a church on Good Friday that is led by a pastor opposed to gay marriage.  In a now-deleted video posted to his social media accounts, Starmer spoke highly of the Jesus House in Brent, describing it as "a wonderful example of a church serving their community".  He was referring to the church being repurposed as a vaccination centre for coronavirus.

The church pastor, Agu Irukwu, has previously spoken out against gay marriage and in support of conversion therapy and prayer as a way to 'cure' homosexuals.  Labour's LGBT wing responded to Starmer's visit by demanding that he delete his video and issue a public apology.  Sir Squeaky duly obliged in just a matter of hours...

Worth noting that both Boris Johnson and Prince Charles have also visited Jesus House in recent weeks, but unlike the limp-wristed Starmer and his woke party, there was no circus and no apology.

While Starmer may have deleted the video, the internet never forgets...

It's surprising that Sir Keir claims that he was 'not aware' prior to his visit, considering that it was his second visit in almost a week.  Footage used in his Good Friday video was actually filmed a week earlier, when he was accompanied to the church by the local MP Dawn Butler.  It flew under the radar of the woke mob at the time, despite a sliver of media coverage and a tweet from the controversial pastor himself.  During that visit Starmer was even pictured bumping elbows with the pastor.

Keir Starmer bumps elbows with Agu Irukwu
Starmer flanked by Irukwu and Dawn Butler

Dawn Butler still follows Jesus House on Twitter, but she is apparently beyond reproach.  Presumably racism trumps homophobia in the world of woke, so no-one dares have a pop at Dawn.