Saturday 29 December 2018


... killed three people at an Israeli checkpoint in the West Bank.  Suspecting an attack during Hanukkah, the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) set up a roadblock near the Palestinian town of Talkarm.

At around 09:30 local time the soldiers stopped a taxi.  The driver and two passengers exited the vehicle, one of which was wearing a bulky coat.  Before they could search the passenger with the big coat he detonated a suicide belt - killing the taxi driver, an accomplice and an Israeli soldier.  Three soldiers and seven Palestinians were injured.

The bomber was later identified as 23-year-old Palestinian policeman Ala a-Sadi, whose family had links to Islamic Jihad.  The passenger was thought to be an accomplice.  The soldier killed in the blast was named as 21-year-old Lt Uri Binamo.

Memorial stone to Lt Binamo

Thursday 27 December 2018


Below is a comprehensive list of serving Members of Parliament who have publicly backed a second EU referendum in defiance of the People's Vote of 2016.  Labour MPs are in bold.

Rushanara Ali – Labour
Heidi Allen – Conservative
Rosena Allin-Khan – Labour
Tonia Antoniazzi – Labour
Guto Bebb – Conservative
Margaret Beckett – Labour
Luciana Berger – Labour
Ian Blackford – SNP
Roberta Blackman-Woods – Labour
Ben Bradshaw – Labour
Tom Brake – Lib Dems
Chris Bryant – Labour
Karen Buck – Labour
Richard Burden – Labour
Vince Cable – Lib Dems
Ruth Cadbury – Labour
Alistair Carmichael – Lib Dems
Ann Clwyd – Labour
Ann Coffey  – Labour
Neil Coyle – Labour
Mary Creagh – Labour
Stella Creasy – Labour
Janet Daby – Labour
Ed Davey – Lib Dems
Geraint Davies – Labour
Stephen Doughty – Labour
Rosie Duffield – Labour
Angela Eagle 
– Labour
Maria Eagle – Labour
Julie Elliott – Labour
Louise Ellmann – Labour
Tim Farron – Lib Dems
Paul Flynn – Labour
Mike Gapes – Labour
Roger Godsiff – Labour
Kate Green – Labour
Justine Greening – Conservative
Dominic Grieve – Conservative
Paul Farrelly – Labour
Helen Hayes – Labour
Wera Hobhouse – Lib Dems 
Margaret Hodge – Labour
Rupa Huq – Labour
Christine Jardine – Lib Dems
Darren Jones – Labour
Susan Elan Jones – Labour
Peter Kyle – Labour
Norman Lamb – Lib Dems
David Lammy – Labour
Chris Leslie – Labour
Caroline Lucas – Green
Kerry McCarthy – Labour
Siobhan McDonagh – Labour
Alison McGovern – Labour
Catherine McKinnell – Labour
Anna McMorrin – Labour
Madeleine Moon – Labour
Layla Moran – Lib Dems
Stephen Morgan – Labour
Ian Murray – Labour
Jess Phillips – Labour
Bridget Phillipson – Labour
Stephen Pound – Labour
Steve Reed – Labour
Ellie Reeves – Labour
Rachel Reeves 
– Labour
Liz Saville Roberts – Plaid Cymru
Joan Ryan – Labour
Virendra Sharma – Labour
Barry Sheerman – Labour
Tommy Sheppard – SNP
Tulip Siddiq – Labour
Andy Slaughter – Labour
Angela Smith – Labour
Jeff Smith– Labour
Owen Smith – Labour
Alex Sobel – Labour
Anna Soubry – Conservative
Jo Stevens – Labour
Jamie Stone – Lib Dems
Wes Streeting – Labour
Jo Swinson – Lib Dem
Gareth Thomas – Labour
Stephen Timms – Labour
Anna Turley – Labour
Chuka Umunna – Labour
Catherine West – Labour
Martin Whitfield – Labour
Paul Williams – Labour
Phil Wilson – Labour
Sarah Wollaston – Conservative
Daniel Zeichner – Labour

Monday 24 December 2018


As we go forward into 2019 the threat of a back door Labour government, most likely in coalition with the SNP, remains on the table.  The months leading up to March 29th are as unpredictable as the last few months have been.  Will there be a deal, will the Commons pass it, what if it doesn't?  Etc...

Fingers crossed we stumble across the threshold of March 29th with or without a deal, but most importantly - without Jeremy Corbyn in 10 Downing Street.  As you know we run this blog, Twitter account, YouTube channel and Facebook pages with barely any help at all.  We both work full time and at present there is little money coming in with the exception of a little advertising and eBay commission.  The most vital financial resource we have is the small, but guaranteed, monthly donation from Matt - our solitary Patreon subscriber.

This is vital because, unlike advertising and eBay sales, it never fluctuates one way or the other.  Therefore, we would like to kindly ask some of our followers to join Matt on Patreon, in the very least to match his $5.  Matt's contributions have already covered the costs of our domain name for 2019.  If enough people contribute then Richey is prepared to quit his job asap and run the whole campaign full time.  This would mean the YouTube channel would no longer be neglected, the blog would be updated daily and the Facebook and Twitter pages would be updated more regularly.

It's never nice to ask for money, but it's a means to an end.  We didn't start this up to make money (otherwise we wouldn't have waited four years!)

Anything you can give is highly valued and appreciated, plus there are branded gifts available as a thank you.  Every contributor gets a fridge magnet of their choice, larger donors are also entitled to key rings and coasters after month three.

Will you join Matt?  Please click here...

Any questions please direct to the Facebook page, otherwise have a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2019.

Karl & Richey


Quite possibly the dodgiest council in Britain is in the spotlight again.  Tower Hamlets (collective sigh) has only just concluded one investigation into corruption, now it is launching another.  Last week the so-called 'Clear Up Project' set up to investigate claims against the previous administration was closed with 'no evidence' of fraud uncovered (a City of London police inquiry is still ongoing).  Now there is an investigation into allegations of housing fraud, with an early casualty in the shape of Cllr Mohammad Harun.

Cllr Harun, who is also a solicitor, quit his post shortly after the investigation was announced.  He also deleted his Twitter account.  The mayor, John Biggs, confirmed that the allegations directly involved Harun, but the Tories claimed other sitting councillors were also implicated.  One of Harun's predecessors - Cllr Shahed Ali - was jailed for housing fraud in 2015.

Labour's Mohammad Harun

Tower Hamlets, a London borough where Bangladeshis are the largest ethnic group, has a history of corruption.  The former mayor - Lutfur Rahman - was found guilty of electoral fraud in 2015.  The current make up of the council is 40 Labour (one member currently suspended for alleged anti-Semitism), 2 Conservative, 1 Lib Dem and now one vacant, thanks to the outgoing Harun.

Sunday 23 December 2018


It was a truly dreadful week for Jezza, one in which many of his supporters must be asking themselves - does he really want the top job?  As pressure built to a crescendo for a no confidence vote in the government, he eventually announced he was tabling a no confidence motion... in Theresa May.  As with every Labour announcement these days this was followed by confusion and eventually it transpired to be nothing but an empty threat.  This was followed by stupidwomangate, more of that shortly.  Corbyn finished the week by riling up the Labour Remain masses by saying that he would carry out Brexit were he to win a snap election.  If the year ended badly for Theresa May, it ended in ridicule for Corbyn.

Corbynistas love to wax lyrical about the 'integrity' and 'honesty' of their man, yet if this year has proven anything it's that he's one of the biggest liars in the Commons.  When he mouthed the words 'stupid woman' during PMQs, one would have expected a man of integrity and honesty to have come forth after the event and hold his hands up.  Not Corbyn.  He sauntered back in and asserted that his detractors were mistaken (and all the lip readers too no doubt), and that he had uttered the words 'stupid people'.  He must think we're all stupid.

When coming up with the right meme for stupidwomangate, we initially opted for a beloved comedy legend whose catchphrase was 'you stupid woman'.  Rene Artois of 'Allo 'Allo was an obvious choice, but that effort paled in comparison to this Lt Columbo meme.  Shared a whopping 9,161 times via the Facebook page (at time of writing), this BTLP original is our biggest hit for several months.  It could be a contender for the annual Twelve Days of Memes beginning on Christmas Day, almost there...

Saturday 22 December 2018


It would have been very easy to divert from the Twitterverse for this week's award as there has been so much Labour twittery at large in the real world.  First there was 'stupidwomangate' and Corbyn's return to the chamber only to lie about it.  This was followed by the conviction of Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya for perverting the course of justice.  Fiona responded by sending her colleagues a biblical message comparing her situation to that of Christ and his disciples...

"I am in good Biblical company along with Joseph, Moses, Daniel and his three Hebrew friends who were each found guilty by the courts of their day. ... Of course this is equally true of Christ who was accused and convicted by the courts of his day".

Fiona Onasanya MP

Labour withdrew the whip immediately and urged her to resign.  At the time of writing, she hasn't.

No, this week we've elected to stay with Twitter and, for the second time this year, name loony Lord Adonis 'twit of the week'.

With his outlandish Brexit claims, the remain-obsessive is on a par with Labour colleague - barmy Ben Bradshaw - they are both convinced the referendum was 'stolen in a Russian plot'.  We didn't think Lord Adonis could surprise us again, but exploiting the Gatwick drone saga and linking it to Brexit is almost off the scale.  Apparently planes will be grounded on March 29th!

At the time of the screencap above the top response to his tweet was from user @dasendri.  This invoked an apparently straight-faced (and equally barmy) response from @nicksonp to which @dasendri replied with an infinitely superior quip.  Top trolling.

Unfortunately we can no longer troll Andy Adonis directly because he blocked us some time ago.  You can run, but you can't hide.  Snowflake.

Friday 21 December 2018


The horrific murders of two young Scandinavian women in Morocco is understandably never going to be a lead story for BBC News.  However, they did cover it, albeit in their own predictable whitewashed slant.  Note that in the BBC coverage the pair were 'found dead from knife wounds'.  This is an insidious way in which to conceal the truth from the public - in reality they were both decapitated by their Islamist killers, with pictures and video taken and posted on the internet Daesh-style.

No mention of this on the beeb.  Other UK news outlets have reported the actual version of events and it is common knowledge across Europe.  Why the cover up?

Monday 17 December 2018


... in the Provisional IRA detonated a car bomb outside Harrods department store in London, killing six people.  The device went off at 13:20 on a Saturday afternoon as the streets were crowded with Christmas shoppers.

A warning was phoned through to a branch of the Samaritans approximately 37 minutes before the explosion.  Police arrived on the scene a few minutes before the bomb went off and were approaching the blue Austin as it detonated.  Two officers were killed outright, a third died a week later and 14 others were injured.  One of those injured lost both of his legs.  Three civilians were also killed and 76 injured, including nine children.  A police car that was approaching the vehicle took the full force of the blast, possibly preventing further fatalities among members of the public.

The five people killed outright were;

WPC Jane Arbuthnot of the Metropolitan Police, 22, from Kingston-upon-Thames
Philip Geddes, 24, a journalist from Barrow-in-Furness
Jasmine Cochrane-Patrick, 25, mother of one from St John's Wood
Sgt Noel Lane of the Metropolitan Police, 28, married and from Croydon
Kenneth Salvesden, 31, an American who was working in London at the time

Inspector Stephen Dodd, 34, died from his injuries on Christmas Eve.  Inspector Dodd was from Carshalton and left a wife and two daughters.

The head of the anti-terrorist squad, William Hucklesbury, claimed that the warning was designed to lure officers to the scene in order to kill them, with scant regard for civilian life.  The following day the IRA admitted its members had carried out the attack, but that they had not been authorised to do so by the 'Army Council'.  The Guardian claimed in 2006 that the bombing had been ordered by notorious republican Thomas 'Slab' Murphy and that he now owned a flat behind the Harrods store as part of his multi-million pound property empire.  Murphy was later imprisoned for tax evasion in the Republic, but never faced a court for the many murders and terrorist acts he was reported to have ordered during his command of the IRA's South Armagh Brigade.

The two young daughters of Inspector Stephen Dodd attend his funeral

Sunday 16 December 2018


We live in interesting times.  No-one - not a single MP, political commentator, EU bigwig or humble constituent - can predict what on earth is going to happen in the next three months.  Last week we saw the PM postpone Parliament's 'meaningful vote' with just 24 hours notice, swiftly followed by a no confidence vote in her leadership.  The outcome was by no means a foregone conclusion, signalled by her concession ahead of the vote to leave her post before the next election.

We should have had this meme lined up prior to the result, but we didn't do too badly in whipping it out within an hour of the result being announced.  One Twitter user lambasted us for the meme, claiming that the rules are different for Labour, but the vote itself is precisely the same - the party leader faces a no confidence vote of their own MPs.

In 2016 Corbyn was smashed 172-40 by his own MPs, but comfortably won the leadership challenge that eventually followed.  Ever since that victory the masses outside the Westminster party have contrived to oust as many of those 172 disloyal MPs as possible, largely by means of no confidence ballots at constituency level leading to deselection (but also hate campaigns).  Several MPs have already departed, notably Frank Field, John Woodcock, Jamie Reed and Tristram Hunt.

Labour is the truly nasty party.

Our hastily drawn up meme was last week's most shared via the Facebook page - 1,897 times in fact - albeit this may not be the last confidence vote our PM endures...

We live in interesting times for sure.

Saturday 15 December 2018


The following email was sent to the Shadow Home Secretary following her remarks about tackling criminals on mopeds.  Diane Abbott is making plenty of enemies despite the fact we are led to believe she will be in government by Christmas...

Dear Ms Abbott,

I hope you are able to read this email yourself as I think it’s something that may assist you, and more importantly the Labour Party.

I wish to discuss your social media comment which has been quoted as “Knocking people off bikes is potentially very dangerous. It shouldn’t be legal for anyone. Police are not above the law”

I wish to address your unconsidered remarks.

1. Agreed. Knocking people off of bikes is potentially very dangerous. That risk is balanced off of the strength and evidence of what these thugs have done. Having worked in a busy London Borough as a Response Officer I feel more knowledgeable than you in regards to my job. These people, usually gang members steal these mopeds and motor bikes. They then go on to perform many awful and serious crimes on these stolen bikes. The vehicles will not be insured, the riders will not have the correct licence to ride them and also have NO regard for the safety of those whom they terrorise on a daily basis. If stopping them leads to potential danger, then I believe this is a worthwhile pursuit. Stop for Police when requested to do so and you won’t be nudged off by the Police. It’s really that simple.

2. “It shouldn’t be legal for anyone” I would like to bring to your attention To Common Law Powers which include Section 3 of the Criminal Law act 1967. This enables ANY person to use such force as is necessary in arresting or assisting the arrest of a criminal. Despite your best wishes it is legal for EVERYONE.

3. “Police are not above the law” Erm… well this is awkward seeing as you’re the current Shadow Home Secretary. Police Officers actually ARE above some laws. We have exemptions to do things which non warranted members of the public are unable to do. This includes driving at over the speed limit, using blue lights on a vehicle, using a hand held mobile device while driving, not wearing a seat belt, driving through red lights, arresting people, using Section 117 PACE to use powers which are all above what’s known as ‘Law’ to other people. We have powers that mean we can look into and down load mobile phones. We can enter someone’s house without permission and not be breaking the law. Police ARE above the law. Not all of them but we do have powers above non warranted civilians. Oh and let’s not forget we can park on yellow lines. In fact… we can block and close a whole motorway if we deem it necessary.

Your anti Police rhetoric has gone on for decades. I recently emailed Mr Corbyn stating that your current role as Shadow Home Secretary is putting a lot of Police Officers at odds of voting for labour in the upcoming election. I received a reply which must have been for someone else as in true politicians style it’s appeared to answer someone else’s question and not the one I posed.

You appear to be ignorant to the role of Police Officer and don’t seem to have any wish, professionally or personally to seek out advice from Police Officers before fixing your colours to the mast.

Us Police Officers have worked VERY hard over this last decade with a pay cut in real terms. Our numbers have been slashed and we now carry a heavier burden than ever before. We are proud people. We save lives. We also change lives. We shape our communities by locking up dangerous criminals. We do this because we care. A criminal on a moped? Oh we will love taking them off of the streets and locking them up. The public are safer and much better off if we are allowed to do our jobs.

If you don’t like the Police (and I have so much evidence that you are anti Police) then become the change you would like to see. Become a special Constable or a PCSO and see how the other half live.

Just stop with the hatred. We don’t need to be battered by the current Home Secretary AND the Shadow Home Secretary.

Yours, PC ...

Friday 14 December 2018


... in the Provisional IRA launched a gun attack on the Churchill Hotel in London, injuring four people.  The drive-by shooting did not appear to have any specific target in mind other than to spread fear and damage Britain's economy by sending visitors a message - you are not safe even in a five star hotel.  The attack was thought to have been carried out by the notorious 'Balcombe Street Gang', a Provo unit that waged terror on London from 1974 until the Balcombe Street siege of 1975 that gave them their name.

The Churchill Hotel (now part of the Hyatt group)

Tuesday 11 December 2018


Cllr Paul Middleton (pictured above) was caught in a police sting targeting online paedophiles.  The Sunderland councillor thought he was in contact with a vulnerable 12-year-old living in care, but it was actually a police officer.  The pair made contact in an online chat forum where the 'girl' made it known she was 12, soon to be 13.  Cllr Middleton made it clear he was 43.  When the discussion turned to sex, Cllr Middleton asked if she had "done it" and whether she was into "naughty fun".

Middleton was suspended by the Labour Party in June and according to Sunderland City Council he is no longer a sitting member after failing to attend a single meeting in six months.  He has effectively forfeited his seat.

Today Middleton pleaded guilty to the offence of 'engaging in sexual communication with a child under the age of 16'.  His barrister told South Tyneside Magistrates' Court that Middleton was of previous good character and had co-operated with the police.  He pleaded for sentencing to be passed down by the magistrates, but the judge instead referred the case to Newcastle Crown Court to be heard on January 10th.

Paul Middleton arriving at court today

Sunday 9 December 2018


Shared 2,899 times via the Facebook page, although it would have probably have been second placed had Facebook not removed this post.

Chuka and his fellow remoaners (Green MP Caroline Lucas and Tory MP Justine Greening) could barely contain their delight as they delivered the 'People's Vote' petition to Downing Street last week.  As with all remoaning activity they are smirking in the face of the only people's vote that matters - that of 23rd of June 2016.  Speaking of 23rd of June 2016...

As the votes edged towards Leave in the early hours Chuka Umunna stated categorically that even if the margin was a single vote in favour of Leave, the decision should be respected.  Funny then how Chuka has since devoted his entire political life to trying to overturn that decision.

Credibility?  Three Day Chuka hasn't got any.

Saturday 8 December 2018


A staggeringly misjudged tweet by arrogant remoaner MP Mary Creagh.  The tweet quickly went viral and drew a huge backlash from irate firemen, doctors, nurses, vets, security guards - to name a few professions who work day and night, and not earning anywhere near Mary's wage packet mind.

Predictably, Creagh deleted the tweet once it all got too much for her.  Below are just a few of the many, many responses to her ignorant out of touch attempt to draw some sympathy...


Friday 7 December 2018


... in Hamas killed an Israeli soldier near the Karni Crossing in Gaza.  Sergeant Nadav Kudinsky, 20, was searching the area for hidden weapons and tunnels when a bomb exploded.  The explosive device was hidden inside a chicken coup and may have been set off by his sniffer dog, also killed.  Four other soldiers were injured in the gun battle that followed as they tried to recover Sgt Kudinsky's body.

Sgt Kudinsky

Thursday 6 December 2018


The long drawn out process of replacing the odious former First Minister of Wales is almost complete.  It's almost eight months since Carwyn Jones announced his impending departure and finally his successor has been chosen.  It's not good news for Wales.

Up steps Mark Drakeford, the Momentum-backed former university lecturer.  Competing against two Labour colleagues for the leadership, Drakeford received 47% in the first round and a decisive 54% in the second round.  He has some sinister ambitions for the Welsh nation that includes what he calls "radical socialist traditions".  God help them.

PS. Don't mention his son.  Jonathan Drakeford is currently serving an eight year stretch for child sex offences and rape.

Mark Drakeford


... in the IRA bombed the Munton Brothers shirt factory on the Dublin Road in central Belfast.  The resultant fire was described as 'one of the biggest since the Blitz' and it took firemen more than three hours to bring under control.  Members of the Salvation Army supplied tea to the fire crews, but as the fire spread towards their Dublin Street premises several of them entered the building to recover items.  The gable end collapsed and killed 61-year-old Mary Thompson, also injuring her husband and several others.

The Salvation Army citadel building in Belfast as it looks today

Wednesday 5 December 2018


The petition against the despicable UN Compact agreement will smash the 100k mark today, possibly before the government has even issued its required 10k response!  Well done to everyone who has signed thus far.  We must defend our borders, migration to our shores (or anyone else's) is not a right to everyone on this planet.

Monday 3 December 2018


... in the West Bank attacked Israelis in three separate incidents.  In the first attack a Palestinian gunman opened fire wounding two Israelis - a civilian and a soldier - near the Hizma checkpoint outside Jerusalem.  The shooter was killed by return fire.  The perpetrator was later identified as an officer in the Palestinian Nation Security Forces, albeit one with a family history of terrorism.  His father served five years for a knife attack and his nephew died while carrying out a knife attack.  He chose the anniversary of his nephew's death to commit his own act of terror.

Later the same day a policeman was stabbed near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.  As the policeman fought back his colleagues opened fire and killed the terrorist.  In the third attack an Israeli car was riddled with ten bullets near Psagot, but the occupants escaped unharmed.

Aftermath of Hizma attack


A very popular meme we shared on the Facebook page yesterday disappeared earlier today.  Clearly someone was unhappy about its content and went crying to the tech giant.  Their Dublin-based monitors would be forgiven for perhaps censoring it based on the use of the c-word, but no.  They took it down because of 'hate speech'.

This follows the removal of previous posts related to grooming gangs.  Facebook clearly doesn't appreciate criticism of criminals!

Click to enlarge


You may be forgiven for never having heard of a United Nations document entitled the 'Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration', but you need to know about it.  Its ultimate aim is to make migration a universal 'human right' and to criminalise negative 'migration speech'.  It is best summed up in the video below by Dutch MEP Marcel de Graaf...

The document is set to be signed next week in Morocco, although how many countries who will agree to it is unclear.  Several European countries with genuine concerns about mass uncontrolled migration have indicated they will not sign, including Austria, Croatia, Bulgaria, Italy and the Visegrad nations.  Australia and Israel have also indicated they will not sign.

Naturally, the UK government has already given it the 'thumbs up'.  The petition below reached 10,000 signatures almost ten days ago, but the government has still not replied.  Let's get it to 100,000 so they will have to listen!  Please click on the image below and sign the petition.

Sunday 2 December 2018


This old meme was rolled out again as the abhorrent antics of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council were exposed once more.  Not content with aiding and abetting the Muslim rape gangs for decades, the council decided that rapists who had impregnated their victims had 'rights to access'.

Featuring one of Labour's arch feminists (the odious hypocrite Harriet Harman) this meme was shared 848 times via our Facebook page.


While this quote transgresses nationality, there is no denying that Mark Twain was of British descent.   An awesome combination this is now available to buy as a fridge magnet via our eBay associate.  Scroll down the page and you'll see the link on the right hand side.

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Saturday 1 December 2018


If you read the BBC report regarding the resignation of Labour's Kate Osamor you'll see phrases like 'support family' and 'difficult time', designed of course to invoke sympathy for the outgoing shadow minister.  However, there was no mention of a bucket of water or a baseball bat.  These words figure prominently in the Independent's version.

Kate has obviously been under a lot of pressure lately, following the drugs conviction of her Labour councillor son Ishmael.  Despite his conviction Ishmael remained on the payroll of his mother in Parliament.  In an outlandish move Labour officials claimed she was "unaware" of his conviction until after he was sentenced to community service.  However, the Times revealed yesterday that Kate was not only fully aware, she actually wrote a letter to the judge asking for leniency!

Again, no mention of any of this on the BBC, just a reference to "allegations in a national newspaper".

Things had clearly got too much for Kate when a reporter for the Times turned up on her doorstep to ask about their findings.  She is alleged to have thrown a bucket of water over the reporter and told him she should have fetched a "bat and smashed his face in".  Is this the behaviour of a minister in waiting?  Naturally, Corbyn had only glowing words of approval for her upon accepting the resignation.  Little Owen also tweeted his support for Kate by lashing out at the media and pulling the race card.  Typical.

Kate and Ishmael Osamor

ON THIS DAY IN 1991, CORBYN'S MATES... the Provisional IRA exploded multiple incendiary devices in shops along Tottenham Court Road in London.  The firebombs had been planted inside the Discount Furniture Store, the Reject Shop, Habitat and World of Leather.  The explosions and subsequent fires occurred in the early hours and no-one was hurt, although residents had to be evacuated from apartments above the shops.  No warnings were given.

Wednesday 28 November 2018


Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council first received reports of child grooming in the town as early as 1999.  No-one was prosecuted until 2010.  The Jay Report of 2014 exposed collusion to such an extent that both the council leader (Labour's Roger Stone) and its chief executive both subsequently resigned.  The council's director of children's services (also Labour) initially refused to resign, but eventually bowed down to pressure.  Three Labour councillors were suspended by the party (one was later reinstated).  Local MP Sarah Champion was sacked from the front bench after daring to mention the very specific demographics related to the case ie. that the victims were overwhelmingly Pakistani Muslim men and the victims were overwhelmingly white.  A later inquiry deemed the council "not fit for purpose" and Stone's successor as council leader also resigned.

Today it has been revealed that Rotherham Council is continuing to assist the rapists.

Sammy Woodhouse was 15 when she was raped and impregnated by Arshid Hussain.  In a staggering move Rotherham Council have contacted Miss Woodhouse to inform her that Hussain has a 'right to access'.  This is actually much worse than it sounds because Hussain didn't contact the council - they contacted him!  Quite how a man who is serving 35 years in prison is going to have access to the child is left to the imagination.


Sunday 25 November 2018


Shared 1,269 times via the Facebook page, this BTLP original features another young ideologue with plenty of life experience to know that socialism is the best way forward!  If he took off his rose-tinted spectacles for a second he might realise that truly socialist countries are actually very fond of borders, and walls.  It is not so much a case of no bigots, no borders, but more like no leave, no entry!  Twat.

Saturday 24 November 2018


Richey is in Prague at the moment.  He's sent this picture back and says every Corbyn-loving Marxist should attend something like this for a real education.  Life was grim in communist Czechoslovakia and this place exposes the harsh reallity.

Wednesday 21 November 2018


The above design has been added to our range, scroll down the page and you'll see the link on the right hand side.  So if you don't fancy becoming a patron, you can help us by buying a fridge magnet like the one above!

Sunday 18 November 2018


Baroness Chakrabarti must have drawn the short straw to go on Marr this morning.  It was a dreadful performance, akin to an MP trying to filibuster a piece of legislation by talking utter drivel for as long as possible.  Asides from the headline-grabbing "Don't patronise me" outburst from Andrew Marr, we learnt nothing new whatsoever.  All we know is that Labour is going to frustrate the Brexit process as much as possible in order to create the chaos necessary for it to have any chance of coming to power.  Labour not putting the national interest first - who'd have thought!!!


Shared 1,464 times via the Facebook page, this BTLP original showcases the disarray that is the Labour Party on Brexit.  All the quotes are genuine, with the exception of poor Diane who we added for a touch of humour.  Lifelong Eurosceptic Corbyn is constantly being undermined by his front bench colleagues.  Within days of Corbyn telling German press that Brexit "can't be stopped" up stepped Shadow Brexit Secretary (and staunch Remainer) Keir Starmer to say precisely the exact opposite, while Thornberry suggested a second referendum must "remain on the table".

Labour would not provide a healthy alternative to the woeful deal that May has drawn up.  All they can offer is confusion, with the party 'leader' trying to pull the party in the opposite direction to that which most of his MPs want to go ie. to remain in the EU and overturn the referendum.

You just can't trust Labour on Brexit!

Saturday 17 November 2018


We in Britain can't imagine how devastating the Californian forest fires are.  The loss of life and property must be harrowing.  However, we can always rely on the BBC to gloss over such human tragedy when the US President becomes involved.  The Beeb wastes no time in politicising their report and quickly questions his being there.  In eight years of Obama there was no such agenda, no outcry when the Democrat failed to attend disasters - or did.

The BBC bias in this latest report is summed up best in the following screencap ie. we confess some locals held up pro-Trump signs, but we'll ignore them and show the one calling him a moron.


The odious member for Penistone and Stocksbridge certainly appears to have got her comeuppance.  Angela Smith, of ardent remoaner fame, has lost a no confidence vote in her constituency.  Not so much to do with the fact she has consistently opposed Brexit in a massive Leave constituency, but her criticism of the Great Leader.  Dissent will not be tolerated in Corbyn's Labour and the Momentum deselection train last night rolled into the steel city and struck her a severe blow.

Ironically she was one of the MPs who backed a vote of no confidence in Corbyn two years ago and supported her namesake Owen Smith in the subsequent leadership contest.  Clearly Angela has had this coming a while.  Since then she has dared to question the re-nationalisation policies of the Great Leader and she is currently peddling a 'People's Vote' petition addressed directly to Corbyn.

It is this ardent and unapologetic remoaning - in the face of a 61% Leave constituency - that leads us to maintain dry eyes when it comes to her current predicament.  Whereas we have struck a sympathetic chord with some centre-ground MPs attacked by Momentum's deselection campaign (Frank Field, Kate Hoey etc), Angela Smith is a vile individual who deserves no such sympathy.  In addition to her Brexit blocking record in the Commons, she has also attempted to conceal her expenses.  In 2007 she voted against publicising MPs' expenses and it soon transpired why - she had claimed almost £11,000 in just two years, including four beds for a ONE BEDROOM FLAT!

Smith has responded to the deselection threat by denouncing her detractors as a "cabal of hard left members", an accurate description, but also vowed to fight on and "prioritise our area and my constituents".  Like you prioritised their Leave vote Angela?

Monday 12 November 2018


by Richey Edwards

Over the course of the New Labour government our country faced an unprecedented wave of new legislation.  The number of new laws introduced by the Blair/Brown regimes is staggering, averaging more than two thousand per year, culminating in a record 3,506 new laws as the party left office in 2010.  Many Labour MPs have continued this crazed agenda since leaving government.  Most recently the attention has been focused on new 'hate crime' legislation proposed by several feminist MPs which includes criminalising 'wolf whistling' and 'cat calling'.  At a time when police officers are struggling to cope with serious crime and don't even bother with the likes of car crime and burglary any more, it's hardly appropriate.  But that's Labour for you, a bunch of MPs on a power trip eager to shape your thoughts and actions by way of legislation.

Thanks to New Labour the UK now has more CCTV cameras than any country on the planet, and yet they don't deter criminals.  We are being monitored every day of our lives, but for what purpose?  More than five per cent of the UK population is on the national DNA database, the highest figure in the world, and yet it doesn't reduce crime.  An Englishman's home was his castle before Tony Blair stepped into 10 Downing Street, but New Labour gave various agencies the right to enter your home.  Then there was the smoking ban.

I don't smoke, never have, but I do like to go to the pub now and again.  While the smoking ban appears to have encouraged more people to give up, or vape, and that must surely be a good thing, it has brought many pubs to their knees.  Since the ban came into play 11 years ago this country has lost almost 12,000 boozers, that's over a thousand for every year of the ban.  That can't be good.  Pubs are often the focal point of a local community, take it away and people rarely congregate with others.  Labour knew this.  The smoking ban was never about the nation's health - it was about control.  They are still at it today.

The favourite to succeed the odious Carwyn Jones as First Minister of Wales has suggested that the smoking ban in Wales should be extended outdoors and involve a complete ban in town centres.  Cigarette smoke is a threat to no-one's health in the open air, so how on earth can his proposal be about health?  It's not, obviously.  It's just not good enough for Mark Drakeford that people's actions can only be controlled indoors.

Labour politicians just can't help themselves.  They have to dictate every aspect of our daily lives to an Orwellian extent.  Vote Labour get 1984.

Sunday 11 November 2018


Last week Sadiq Khan literally held his hands up and surrendered to the knife gangs of London.  As if we didn't know already, what he said cemented his position as one of the most useless politicians of the 21st century.  He basically deferred any solution to the diabolical situation facing our capital to his successor(s).  Khan is so weak and inept that he makes both Corbyn and May look tough!

Shared 2,719 times this BTLP original was the most shared post on our Facebook page last week.

Saturday 10 November 2018


When Diane Abbott appeared on Question Time last Thursday the obvious thing to look out for was one of her trademark gaffes.  However, what she actually left us with was concern for her health.  In addition to her puffed up face, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that her hand was shaking uncontrollably.  In the exchange below, watch her right fist after she rests it on the table...

Uncontrollable shaking is a symptom of Parkinson's disease, not in itself proof that Diane is afflicted, but when combined with her occasionally slurred speech and constant fumbling over numbers, one has to wonder.  Of course she could just have been very angry at Mr Peterson's clearly superior intellect and logic.  Our future Home Secretary does not like being told that she is not the moral judge of what is 'hate speech'!

In addition to Diane's apparent loss of motor function, there is also her occasional disappearances from public life.  For someone 'destined' to be our Home Secretary, this is clearly unacceptable.  Imagine for one second that she was the minister responsible for national security and our nation was struck by some awful disaster.  Sorry folks, the Home Secretary is 'feeling unwell', come back tomorrow.  Or next week.

Finally, the most damning proof that Diane is suffering from a serious illness came during a prolonged absence last year.  Her colleague Barry Gardiner was quoted as saying Diane had a 'serious, long term condition'.  When Diane finally re-emerged she announced that it was type 2 diabetes that had struck her down.  However, this is not consistent with the symptoms she has displayed and if her diabetes is so out of control how come she is pictured on the razzle so often?  Furthermore, how can she seriously expect to hold great office if she can't get her own blood sugar under control for a major TV appearance?

Let's hope Diane recovers from her mystery illness, for one thing she is a reliable source of frivolity and ammunition for those mocking the Labour Party.  She may be a despicable human being, a hypocrite and traitor, but we don't wish ill health on anyone.


Ban the use of the term 'drivetime' because it is offensive and somehow celebrates a weapon of mass destruction?  Jeremy Vine is entitled to his views, just as we're entitled to mock them.  This one demonstrates snowflakery of the highest order, despite the fact Jeremy was born long before the dawn of millennials.

Many of us are related to or know victims of road traffic accidents, but does anyone actually manage to link it to the name of a popular radio show?  Other than Jeremy Vine, of course.  It's absurd.  By this same twisted liberal logic we must also surely ban bonfire night - as fire has killed millions over the course of human history!  And forget about carving that turkey this Christmas, don't you know knives have killed people too?  So inconsiderate to the victims of knife crime!

Oh, just fuck off.

Friday 9 November 2018


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Thursday 8 November 2018


Thanks to the hard work and persistence of the Islington Gazette we can reveal another sinister individual lurking within the Labour Party.  Her name is Sandy Marks (pictured above) and she is a former mayor and long-standing councillor in Corbyn's own backyard of Islington.  In the course of investigating Islington's child abuse scandal the Gazette uncovered links between Marks and a sinister group known as 'Fallen Angels'.  This disgusting group promoted the abolition of the age of consent and campaigned for the release of five men belonging to the 'Paedophile Information Exchange' or PIE for short.  If that name sounds familiar it will be from the scandal that involved three senior Labour MPs a few years ago - namely Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt.

The links between Marks and Fallen Angels didn't stop her appearing at the 2015 Labour conference, in which she got her wheelchair stuck at the podium and was rescued by none other than Corbyn and McDonnell (see picture above).  Kudos to the Islington Gazette for the hard hitting video below...