Sunday 23 December 2018


It was a truly dreadful week for Jezza, one in which many of his supporters must be asking themselves - does he really want the top job?  As pressure built to a crescendo for a no confidence vote in the government, he eventually announced he was tabling a no confidence motion... in Theresa May.  As with every Labour announcement these days this was followed by confusion and eventually it transpired to be nothing but an empty threat.  This was followed by stupidwomangate, more of that shortly.  Corbyn finished the week by riling up the Labour Remain masses by saying that he would carry out Brexit were he to win a snap election.  If the year ended badly for Theresa May, it ended in ridicule for Corbyn.

Corbynistas love to wax lyrical about the 'integrity' and 'honesty' of their man, yet if this year has proven anything it's that he's one of the biggest liars in the Commons.  When he mouthed the words 'stupid woman' during PMQs, one would have expected a man of integrity and honesty to have come forth after the event and hold his hands up.  Not Corbyn.  He sauntered back in and asserted that his detractors were mistaken (and all the lip readers too no doubt), and that he had uttered the words 'stupid people'.  He must think we're all stupid.

When coming up with the right meme for stupidwomangate, we initially opted for a beloved comedy legend whose catchphrase was 'you stupid woman'.  Rene Artois of 'Allo 'Allo was an obvious choice, but that effort paled in comparison to this Lt Columbo meme.  Shared a whopping 9,161 times via the Facebook page (at time of writing), this BTLP original is our biggest hit for several months.  It could be a contender for the annual Twelve Days of Memes beginning on Christmas Day, almost there...