Saturday 29 December 2018


... killed three people at an Israeli checkpoint in the West Bank.  Suspecting an attack during Hanukkah, the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) set up a roadblock near the Palestinian town of Talkarm.

At around 09:30 local time the soldiers stopped a taxi.  The driver and two passengers exited the vehicle, one of which was wearing a bulky coat.  Before they could search the passenger with the big coat he detonated a suicide belt - killing the taxi driver, an accomplice and an Israeli soldier.  Three soldiers and seven Palestinians were injured.

The bomber was later identified as 23-year-old Palestinian policeman Ala a-Sadi, whose family had links to Islamic Jihad.  The passenger was thought to be an accomplice.  The soldier killed in the blast was named as 21-year-old Lt Uri Binamo.

Memorial stone to Lt Binamo