Saturday 15 December 2018


The following email was sent to the Shadow Home Secretary following her remarks about tackling criminals on mopeds.  Diane Abbott is making plenty of enemies despite the fact we are led to believe she will be in government by Christmas...

Dear Ms Abbott,

I hope you are able to read this email yourself as I think it’s something that may assist you, and more importantly the Labour Party.

I wish to discuss your social media comment which has been quoted as “Knocking people off bikes is potentially very dangerous. It shouldn’t be legal for anyone. Police are not above the law”

I wish to address your unconsidered remarks.

1. Agreed. Knocking people off of bikes is potentially very dangerous. That risk is balanced off of the strength and evidence of what these thugs have done. Having worked in a busy London Borough as a Response Officer I feel more knowledgeable than you in regards to my job. These people, usually gang members steal these mopeds and motor bikes. They then go on to perform many awful and serious crimes on these stolen bikes. The vehicles will not be insured, the riders will not have the correct licence to ride them and also have NO regard for the safety of those whom they terrorise on a daily basis. If stopping them leads to potential danger, then I believe this is a worthwhile pursuit. Stop for Police when requested to do so and you won’t be nudged off by the Police. It’s really that simple.

2. “It shouldn’t be legal for anyone” I would like to bring to your attention To Common Law Powers which include Section 3 of the Criminal Law act 1967. This enables ANY person to use such force as is necessary in arresting or assisting the arrest of a criminal. Despite your best wishes it is legal for EVERYONE.

3. “Police are not above the law” Erm… well this is awkward seeing as you’re the current Shadow Home Secretary. Police Officers actually ARE above some laws. We have exemptions to do things which non warranted members of the public are unable to do. This includes driving at over the speed limit, using blue lights on a vehicle, using a hand held mobile device while driving, not wearing a seat belt, driving through red lights, arresting people, using Section 117 PACE to use powers which are all above what’s known as ‘Law’ to other people. We have powers that mean we can look into and down load mobile phones. We can enter someone’s house without permission and not be breaking the law. Police ARE above the law. Not all of them but we do have powers above non warranted civilians. Oh and let’s not forget we can park on yellow lines. In fact… we can block and close a whole motorway if we deem it necessary.

Your anti Police rhetoric has gone on for decades. I recently emailed Mr Corbyn stating that your current role as Shadow Home Secretary is putting a lot of Police Officers at odds of voting for labour in the upcoming election. I received a reply which must have been for someone else as in true politicians style it’s appeared to answer someone else’s question and not the one I posed.

You appear to be ignorant to the role of Police Officer and don’t seem to have any wish, professionally or personally to seek out advice from Police Officers before fixing your colours to the mast.

Us Police Officers have worked VERY hard over this last decade with a pay cut in real terms. Our numbers have been slashed and we now carry a heavier burden than ever before. We are proud people. We save lives. We also change lives. We shape our communities by locking up dangerous criminals. We do this because we care. A criminal on a moped? Oh we will love taking them off of the streets and locking them up. The public are safer and much better off if we are allowed to do our jobs.

If you don’t like the Police (and I have so much evidence that you are anti Police) then become the change you would like to see. Become a special Constable or a PCSO and see how the other half live.

Just stop with the hatred. We don’t need to be battered by the current Home Secretary AND the Shadow Home Secretary.

Yours, PC ...