Sunday 16 December 2018


We live in interesting times.  No-one - not a single MP, political commentator, EU bigwig or humble constituent - can predict what on earth is going to happen in the next three months.  Last week we saw the PM postpone Parliament's 'meaningful vote' with just 24 hours notice, swiftly followed by a no confidence vote in her leadership.  The outcome was by no means a foregone conclusion, signalled by her concession ahead of the vote to leave her post before the next election.

We should have had this meme lined up prior to the result, but we didn't do too badly in whipping it out within an hour of the result being announced.  One Twitter user lambasted us for the meme, claiming that the rules are different for Labour, but the vote itself is precisely the same - the party leader faces a no confidence vote of their own MPs.

In 2016 Corbyn was smashed 172-40 by his own MPs, but comfortably won the leadership challenge that eventually followed.  Ever since that victory the masses outside the Westminster party have contrived to oust as many of those 172 disloyal MPs as possible, largely by means of no confidence ballots at constituency level leading to deselection (but also hate campaigns).  Several MPs have already departed, notably Frank Field, John Woodcock, Jamie Reed and Tristram Hunt.

Labour is the truly nasty party.

Our hastily drawn up meme was last week's most shared via the Facebook page - 1,897 times in fact - albeit this may not be the last confidence vote our PM endures...

We live in interesting times for sure.