Monday 24 December 2018


As we go forward into 2019 the threat of a back door Labour government, most likely in coalition with the SNP, remains on the table.  The months leading up to March 29th are as unpredictable as the last few months have been.  Will there be a deal, will the Commons pass it, what if it doesn't?  Etc...

Fingers crossed we stumble across the threshold of March 29th with or without a deal, but most importantly - without Jeremy Corbyn in 10 Downing Street.  As you know we run this blog, Twitter account, YouTube channel and Facebook pages with barely any help at all.  We both work full time and at present there is little money coming in with the exception of a little advertising and eBay commission.  The most vital financial resource we have is the small, but guaranteed, monthly donation from Matt - our solitary Patreon subscriber.

This is vital because, unlike advertising and eBay sales, it never fluctuates one way or the other.  Therefore, we would like to kindly ask some of our followers to join Matt on Patreon, in the very least to match his $5.  Matt's contributions have already covered the costs of our domain name for 2019.  If enough people contribute then Richey is prepared to quit his job asap and run the whole campaign full time.  This would mean the YouTube channel would no longer be neglected, the blog would be updated daily and the Facebook and Twitter pages would be updated more regularly.

It's never nice to ask for money, but it's a means to an end.  We didn't start this up to make money (otherwise we wouldn't have waited four years!)

Anything you can give is highly valued and appreciated, plus there are branded gifts available as a thank you.  Every contributor gets a fridge magnet of their choice, larger donors are also entitled to key rings and coasters after month three.

Will you join Matt?  Please click here...

Any questions please direct to the Facebook page, otherwise have a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2019.

Karl & Richey