Monday 3 December 2018


... in the West Bank attacked Israelis in three separate incidents.  In the first attack a Palestinian gunman opened fire wounding two Israelis - a civilian and a soldier - near the Hizma checkpoint outside Jerusalem.  The shooter was killed by return fire.  The perpetrator was later identified as an officer in the Palestinian Nation Security Forces, albeit one with a family history of terrorism.  His father served five years for a knife attack and his nephew died while carrying out a knife attack.  He chose the anniversary of his nephew's death to commit his own act of terror.

Later the same day a policeman was stabbed near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.  As the policeman fought back his colleagues opened fire and killed the terrorist.  In the third attack an Israeli car was riddled with ten bullets near Psagot, but the occupants escaped unharmed.

Aftermath of Hizma attack