Sunday 26 December 2021


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Friday 24 December 2021


Just one council by-election this week and it was an awful result for the Conservatives.  Defending a seat in rock solid Tory territory, the Conservative candidate finished a distant third behind an independent and Green - neither of whom had contested the seat previously.

The Conservatives had put up a decent campaign, supported by local MP Desmond Swayne.  Turnout was an impressive 31 per cent for this time of year.

Bransgore & Burley, New Forest District Council

Ind: 617 (44.3%) New
Grn: 459 (33.0%) New
Con: 258 (18.5%) -53.7%
Lab: 59 (4.2%) -23.5%

Ind GAIN from Con

Thursday 23 December 2021


Critical thinkers who still watch mainstream media will be well versed in being lied to on a daily basis, especially when it comes to the pandemic.  Covid lies come thick and fast from the mouths of presenters and their correspondents, so it will come as no great surprise to see globalist vax tyrant Tony Blair trotting out some bullshit on Times Radio.

Appearing via a video link, Blair lashed out at unvaccinated people, labelling them 'idiots'.  He followed up that diatribe by attempting to spin the supposedly 'devastating' impact of the Omicon variant.  Blair was temporarily and uncharacteristically at a loss for words as he desperately searched for an appropriate doom-laden word.  After a long pause he came out with 'contagious' - not deadly, not dangerous, not devastating - contagious.  It was desperate stuff.

Watch the clip below.

Blair's suggestion that unvaccinated people are somehow more likely to catch the new variant is nonsense.  It is now common knowledge that Covid vaccines do not prevent anyone from actually catching the virus, although according to the latest government vaccine surveillance report - case rates for vaccinated people in five of the eight age groups are greater than those for the unvaccinated.

It's also absurd to suggest that the new variant will put 'a lot of strain on the NHS'.  South Africa has been repeatedly telling the world that Omicron is mild and in the last couple of days even our own government has begun to admit this reality.

Blair ends his piece by saying that efforts must be 'doubled' in getting vaccination out to the Third World.  That's a little bit rich coming from the man whose 'Institute for Global Change' this week raised the prospect of a fourth jab for Britons, in addition to jabbing children as young as five.  How is the UK going to vaccinate the Third World when it is jabbing its own people every three months?

Blair is not just calling the unvaccinated 'idiots', he is taking us all for idiots.  Don't be fooled.  He and his stooges lie when their lips are moving and everything that they propose has nothing to do with your health.  Far from it.


It becomes clearer by the day that Omicron- or Omicon as it should be more accurately described - is a mild cold-like illness that has resulted in as many as zero deaths and very few hospitalisations.  Despite this reality, British politicians are chomping at the bit to impose restrictions on our festivities.  A split in the Westminster government has reportedly staved off further curbs for England, although Plan B is now in place and will surely be expanded in the weeks to come.

If anyone wants to know what kind of authoritarian mandates the Westminster government has in store for England, all they need do is look around the Western world - or closer to home.  The socialist governments of Scotland and Wales have been less hesitant in implementing such diktats, which is why the likes of vaccine passports, mask mandates and working from home decrees were already in place ahead of England.  Likewise, post-Christmas restrictions have already been confirmed by Sturgeon and Drakeford.

Sturgeon has torpedoed Hogmanay celebrations by banning 'large gatherings' from Boxing Day onwards and ordering nightclubs to close for 'three weeks'.  We've heard that before.  What are the odds they will still be closed in three months time, some of them permanently?  She has also re-imposed social distancing and table service for remaining hospitality settings.

Mark Drakeford has gone even further.  In addition to ordering nightclubs to shut their doors from Boxing Day, he has decreed a whole host of wide-ranging measures as follows:

- Groups of no more than six can meet in pubs, restaurants and cinemas from Boxing Day
- Licensed premises must operate table service only, plus social distancing, face masks and contact tracing
- Outdoor events limited to 50 people
- Indoor events limited to 30 people - except weddings and funerals
- Two metre social distancing in workplaces and public places
- Fines for workers who travel to their workplace when they could work from home

Unlike in Scotland, Drakeford has not proposed any time limit for such measures.

All this for a variant that causes symptoms so close to that of the common cold that no-one can tell the difference - without a test that is.  Restrictions at this point are insane, but what it is even more mind-blowing is that many people will comply with these crazed diktats.

Anyone who thinks that such lunacy won't come to England clearly hasn't been paying attention.  Remember that the first mask mandates were implemented after the first wave had subsided, not during it.  Once Omicon subsides and even with no clear evidence to suggest that the NHS is at risk of being 'overwhelmed', our puppet governments will still implement ever greater restrictions with the main objective to usher in a new digital age of total social control.

For the sake of future generations we must not allow this to happen.

Sunday 19 December 2021


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Friday 17 December 2021


A huge swing to the Liberal Democrats in North Shropshire dealt a crushing blow to the embattled Conservatives in Thursday's Westminster by-election.  The Lib Dems came third here in 2019, but swept to victory in a previously safe Tory seat, more than trebling their vote from 5,643 to 17,957.  Labour slumped to an embarrassing third place, dropping 8,806 votes in a further blow to Keir Starmer's uninspiring leadership.

Helen Morgan is the first non-Tory to ever win this rural seat, first created in 1832, abolished in 1876 and then re-established in 1983.  The Conservative majority in 2019 was 22,949.

North Shropshire

Helen Morgan (LDem) 17,957 (47.2%) +37.2%
Neil Shastri-Hurst (Con) 12,032 (31.6%) -31.1%
Ben Wood (Lab) 3,686 (9.7%) -12.4%
Duncan Kerr (Grn) 1,738 (4.6%) +1.4%
Kirsty Walmsley (RefUK) 1,427 (3.8%) New
Andrea Allen (UKIP) 378 (1.0%) New
Martin Daubney (Rec) 375 (1.0%) New
Alan Howling Laud Hope (Loon) 118 (0.3%) New
Suzie Akers-Smith (Ind) 95 (0.2%) New
James Elliot (Herit) 79 (0.2%) New
Boris Been Bunged (Rejoin) 58 (0.2%) New
Earl Jesse (Freedom) 57 (0.1%) New
Russell Dean 19 (Party) 0.1 New
Yolande Kenward (Ind) 3 (0.0%) New

There were twelve council by-elections on Thursday - seven Conservative defences, four Labour defences and a free-for-all.

Of those seven Tory defences, they lost four and held three.  Of those four defeats, they lost three to the Lib Dems and one to the Greens.

Labour held three of their four defences (although one of those wins is now void).  They lost a seat to an independent who came from nowhere to win a seat in South Wales.  Labour also gained the free-for-all in Middlesbrough after the independent incumbent had vacated the seat.

Now, let's discuss that void result in Walsall.  The contest was a straightforward battle between Labour and the Tories.  However, the Labour candidate was employed by Walsall Council and should have resigned prior to the election in order to be eligible to serve as a councillor.  Having failed to do so, she could not accept the post she had easily won.  Simran Cheema apologised to ward residents and claimed that she had been unaware her part-time job at a Walsall library barred her from standing.  The farce cost an estimated £20,000 and the seat will now remain vacant until the next local elections in May 2022.

Labour's Simran Cheema at last night's count in Walsall, which turned out to be
a costly waste of time

Lomond North, Argyll and Bute Council

(First preference votes)

Con: 742 (40.7%) +11.3%
SNP: 459 (25.2%) +5.0%
Ind: 418 (22.9%) New
Ind: 259 (11.2%) New

Con HOLD (elected at stage 4)

Highfield, Ashford Borough Council

Grn: 191 (40.0%) +21.2%
Con: 163 (34.1%) -7.0%
Ind: 101 (21.1%) -7.4%
Lab: 23 (4.8%) New

Grn GAIN from Con

Caerau, Bridgend County Borough Council

Ind: 515 (48.8%) New
Lab: 441 (41.8%) -6.4%
Plaid: 82 (7.8%) -10.7%
Con: 18 (1.7%) New

Ind GAIN from Lab

Roffey South, Horsham District Council

LDem: 462 (41.5%) +0.6%
Con: 335 (30.1%) -11.4%
Grn: 222 (19.9%) New
Lab: 95 (8.5%) -9.1%

LDem GAIN from Con

Armitage with Handsacre, Lichfield District Council

Con: 458 (60.3%) -2.2%
Lab: 301 (39.7%) +2.2%


Rochester East, Medway Council

Lab: 870 (63.3%) +15.2%
Con: 388 (28.2%) +8.7%
Grn: 69 (5.0%) -9.2%
LDem: 48 (3.5%) -2.8%


North Ormesby, Middlesbrough Council

Lab: 172 (74.5%) +47.7%
Ind: 32 (13.9%) +13.9%
Con: 20 (8.7%) +5.5%
LDem: 7 (3.0%) New

Lab GAIN from Ind

Hexham East, Northumberland County Council

LDem: 584 (47.3%) +11.7%
Con: 370 (30.0%) -13.9%
Lab: 154 (12.5%) -8.1%
Ind: 127 (10.3%) New

LDem GAIN from Con

Dawley & Aqueduct, Telford and Wrekin Council

Lab: 996 (55.8%) -6.1%
Con: 735 (41.2%) +3.0%
LDem: 55 (3.1%) +3.1%


Pleck, Walsall Council

Lab: 698 (64.6%) -15.5%
Con: 382 (35.4%) +15.5%

Lab HOLD (election VOID due to ineligibility of Labour candidate)

Tilehurst South & Holybrook, West Berkshire Council

Con: 548 (42.3%) -15.6%
Lab: 387 (29.9%) +4.8%
LDem: 359 (27.7%) +10.8%


Nettleham, West Lindsey District Council

LDem: 585 (51.0%) +1.2%
Con: 374 (32.6%) -17.5%
Lab: 116 (10.1%) New
Grn: 71 (6.2%) New

LDem GAIN from Con


LDem = Liberal Democrat
Con = Conservative
Lab = Labour
Grn = Green
RefUK = Reform UK
UKIP = UK Independence Party
Rec = Reclaim
Loon = Monster Raving Loony
Herit = Heritage
Rejoin = Rejoin EU
Freedom = Freedom Alliance
Party = The Party Party
SNP = Scottish National Party
Plaid = Plaid Cymru
Ind = Independents

Thursday 16 December 2021


Robert Peston has been one of the media's most high profile Covid fanatics throughout the pandemic.  However, like so many who appear to crave restrictions 'for safety', he doesn't practice what he preaches.  A clip has gone viral showing Peston prior to the latest Downing Street press conference in which he chats openly to a fellow hack with his face mask hanging down under his chin.  This apparently takes place 15 minutes before the conference begins, immediately prior to which Peston pops his mask on.

Watch below.

Peston was among the first journalists to demand a mask mandate, way back in April 2020.

Note that Peston mentions the importance of preventing viral spread through coughing.  Well, listen to the first thing he did upon removing his mask in order to ask a question at yesterday's press conference...

These people are trolling you.  Do not comply.

As for demanding that people be ordered to keep away from hospitality venues, Peston should be barred from every pub in the land.  That is, of course, if there are any left following the coming onslaught.


The final Commons vote on Tuesday's authoritarian Covid measures was on mandatory vaccination for NHS staff.  Again, Starmer's Labour failed to provide opposition.  The vote was won 383-99, meaning that tens of thousands of NHS workers will be sacked in the spring.  Imagine sacking tens of thousands of hospital workers during a 'deadly pandemic' that we are told repeatedly threatens to 'overwhelm the NHS'.  It just doesn't make any sense, does it?  That is, of course, unless you're trying to force a vaccine on people for ulterior motives ie. the introduction of a digital health pass leading to a social credit system.

Keir Starmer managed to finally demolish any illusion that he provides any opposition to this dystopian nightmare on Tuesday.  He came around to supporting mandatory vaccination in even quicker time than he managed to embrace vaccine passports.  Just seven weeks ago Starmer said the following about Covid vaccines for NHS staff: "I wouldn't make it mandatory, I think that risks making lots of people losing their job.  We've got a crisis coming down the track for the NHS, it's going to be a very, very difficult winter.  The last thing we can afford is for thousands of people to be pushed out of their jobs in the NHS".

Watch below.

The process for introducing restrictions now follows a similar pattern in both Labour and Tory politicians.  At first they oppose, even vehemently deny that they would introduce such measures.  Then they do the exact opposite.  Worse still, the mass media does not pull them up on it.  If the government u-turns on anything else - sleaze, free school meals, exam results - hacks are all over it instantly.  Covid restrictions?  No, the u-turn passes without any scrutiny whatsoever.

The fact people still can't see the protection racket that's going on in front of their very eyes is the main reason why the establishment is still getting away with it.  If we stopped complying en masse it would collapse very quickly.  It still might, in fact it probably will.  As each rung on the social credit ladder is climbed by the UK government, more Tory backbenchers will realise they are conservatives - not communists.  Failing that, we are in for one Hell of a year for civil disobedience.

The breakdown on how the parties voted on mandatory NHS vaccination is as follows.

Ayes - 385

Conservative - 258
Labour - 124
SDLP - 1

For a full list of the MPs who voted yes, click here

Noes - 99

Conservative - 61
Labour - 22
Liberal Democrats - 8
DUP - 5
Independents - 2 (including Jeremy Corbyn)
Green - 1

For a full list of the MPs who voted no, click here

Compared with the earlier vote on vaccine passports, there was less of a split in the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs.  The majority of the SCG voted against the mandate, including John McDonnell.  Only Rachel Hopkins, Navendu Mishra and Sam Tarry voted in favour.

It appears that Corbyn's posse don't approve of communism when it is being implemented by a Tory government under the auspices of the World Economic Forum!


There was an audible gasp when the results were announced for the Commons vote on vaccine passports for England.  126 noes were recorded - 99 of which were from Tory backbenchers.  It was the biggest rebellion of Boris Johnson's deteriorating premiership and meant that the PM was effectively bailed out by Labour.  Many of the Tory rebels had never voted against their government prior to Tuesday.  Even the newest Tory MP - James Brokenshire's replacement Louie French - opposed the passes.

The breakdown of how the parties voted is as follows.

Ayes - 369

Conservative - 226
Labour - 142
SDLP - 1

For a full list of the MPs who voted yes, click here

Noes - 126

Conservative - 99
Liberal Democrat - 10
Labour - 8
DUP - 6
Independents - 2 (including Jeremy Corbyn)
Green - 1

For a full list of the MPs who voted no, click here

31 Tories either abstained or were absent, including Theresa May.

48 Labour MPs did not vote, some of whom were self-isolating due to another Covid outbreak in the Labour ranks.

There was a significant split in the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs.  Six of the eight Labour MPs who voted against the passes were SCG members - Diane Abbott, Apsana Begum, Dawn Butler, Clive Lewis, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Bell Ribeiro-Addy.  Jeremy Corbyn (who remains an independent) also voted against.  However, John McDonnell voted for the passes - as did Paula Barker, Ian Byrne, Rachel Hopkins, Kim Johnson, Andy McDonald, Rachael Maskell, Navendu Mishra, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Sam Tarry, Mick Whitley, Nadia Whittome and Beth Winter.  Others, including Richard Burgon and Zarah Sultana, did not vote.

The other two Labour MPs who voted against the passes were Emma Lewell-Buck (South Shields) and Graham Stringer (Blackley & Broughton).

David Lammy, who had previously mocked the idea of vaccine passports, did not vote on Tuesday.  It's not clear why.

Tuesday 14 December 2021


Labour's new shadow foreign secretary has told the BBC that Plan B measures are in the 'national interest' - despite having previously labeled domestic vaccine passports as 'social apartheid'.  Dave Lammy said that the measures were required in the face of a 'health emergency'.  Just a reminder that as of Monday evening the percentage of UK hospital beds occupied by Covid patients stood at just 5.2 per cent.  Emergency you say?

Lammy also reminded viewers that Labour had always supported the retention of mask mandates.  In Labour-run Wales the mask mandate was never scrapped and vaccine passports are already in use.  Despite these measures, Wales continues to have a greater infection rate than England.  Great argument Dave.

Click below for the clip.

In a monologue on his LBC show earlier this year, Lammy slammed the concept of a domestic vaccine passport, saying they did 'not feel British' and their implementation would be a form of 'social apartheid'.  Quite right Lammy, so what happened in the intervening six months to change your mind?  Certainly not a 'health emergency' that's for sure.

Click below for the clip.

It will be interesting to see if Lammy also backs the vaccine mandate for health care workers, something that will result in tens of thousands of NHS staff being kicked out of their jobs.  Having just described a 'health emergency' that is surely not the best policy in such circumstances.

Monday 13 December 2021


Within 24 hours of Boris Johnson's surprise (and pointless) broadcast, Keir Starmer has delivered an even more pointless broadcast of his own.  In a seemingly desperate attempt to stay relevant, the Labour leader went on air at 7pm - but he only repeated the same tiresome bullshit that the PM had trotted out a day earlier.  He even copied the PM by propping up a Union flag in the background, something that will have enraged the far left of his party.

Starmer repeated Johnson's scaremongering lies about the dangers of the NHS 'being overwhelmed' - despite the fact that Covid patients are currently taking up little more than five per cent of hospital beds in the UK.  After praising scientists, he then chose to ignore the recommendations of the JCVI by calling on children to get jabbed over Christmas.  Disgraceful.

Trying to appear statesmanlike, Starmer urged people to toe the line and get vaccinated, wear masks and work from home.  "It's our national duty" he says.  Yawn.  "It's my duty to challenge the government where necessary" he continues, despite the fact he has failed to challenge the government on any of their authoritarian measures or the lies created to justify them.  He went on to confirm his MPs would back Plan B measures in Tuesday's vote, a move that GB News presenter Neil Oliver described as a 'suicide note'.

Don't click below to see the video.  It's truly dreadful.

And one more thing - his description of Labour as a 'patriotic party' that 'would always act in Britain's best interest'.  This is coming from the same guy that campaigned to elect the Brit-hating IRA sympathiser Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister!

Sunday 12 December 2021


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