Monday 13 December 2021


Within 24 hours of Boris Johnson's surprise (and pointless) broadcast, Keir Starmer has delivered an even more pointless broadcast of his own.  In a seemingly desperate attempt to stay relevant, the Labour leader went on air at 7pm - but he only repeated the same tiresome bullshit that the PM had trotted out a day earlier.  He even copied the PM by propping up a Union flag in the background, something that will have enraged the far left of his party.

Starmer repeated Johnson's scaremongering lies about the dangers of the NHS 'being overwhelmed' - despite the fact that Covid patients are currently taking up little more than five per cent of hospital beds in the UK.  After praising scientists, he then chose to ignore the recommendations of the JCVI by calling on children to get jabbed over Christmas.  Disgraceful.

Trying to appear statesmanlike, Starmer urged people to toe the line and get vaccinated, wear masks and work from home.  "It's our national duty" he says.  Yawn.  "It's my duty to challenge the government where necessary" he continues, despite the fact he has failed to challenge the government on any of their authoritarian measures or the lies created to justify them.  He went on to confirm his MPs would back Plan B measures in Tuesday's vote, a move that GB News presenter Neil Oliver described as a 'suicide note'.

Don't click below to see the video.  It's truly dreadful.

And one more thing - his description of Labour as a 'patriotic party' that 'would always act in Britain's best interest'.  This is coming from the same guy that campaigned to elect the Brit-hating IRA sympathiser Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister!