Saturday 4 December 2021


In a debate earlier this week Labour's Richard Burgon repeatedly refused to condemn the Chinese Communist Party, even suggesting that Western critics of the regime were 'fuelling anti-Chinese racism'.  The member for Leeds East and hard left Corbyn loyalist was taking part in a debate on Iain Dale's Cross Question show on LBC Radio.  Burgon also attacked the United States for dropping atomic bombs on Japan, name-dropped Bahrain and Saudi Arabia for human rights criticism and claimed that the average Brit's carbon footprint is greater than those of Chinese citizens.  He couldn't have done more to avoid and divert criticism from the CCP.

Burgon's spin exasperated Dale and the rest of the panel, notably Tory MP Tim Loughton.  At one point Burgon declared: "We need to have a sensible discussion about these things".  Well, Dickie, this was far from sensible on your part.

Watch the clip below.

It appears that Iain Dale and co were not the only ones bemused by Burgon's rhetoric this week.  On Thursday the hapless MP tweeted a screenshot from a debate in support of striking university lecturers.  He might have selected a better frame.  Just look at some of the faces of the other Zoom callers - three of them looking down and one of them appearing to be talking to someone off camera...

Dickie Burgon, long may he continue to invite ridicule upon his party and his socialist cause.