Thursday 2 December 2021


The Labour leader of Sheffield City Council was involved in an angry slanging match on Wednesday in a row over a picket line.  The comical scenes were captured on video as Cllr Terry Fox was accused of crossing the line and being a 'scab'.  Fox was livid with the young man who used the insult: "Do ever not use that word with me" he bellowed, in a curious arrangement of words.

The picket had been organised as part of a three day strike by the University and College Union.  A full meeting of Sheffield City Council was due to take place at the Octagon conference centre, which is on the university campus.  Fox and several Labour colleagues entered the building briefly before coming out and announcing that Labour councillors would not attend the meeting or cross the picket line.  As the picketers quite rightly pointed out - they had already crossed the line!

Click below for the video.

Note that Cllr Fox only starts mouthing off after his accuser has been separated.  Pure theatrics.

The council meeting proceeded without the presence of Labour or their coalition partners the Greens.