Thursday 16 December 2021


Robert Peston has been one of the media's most high profile Covid fanatics throughout the pandemic.  However, like so many who appear to crave restrictions 'for safety', he doesn't practice what he preaches.  A clip has gone viral showing Peston prior to the latest Downing Street press conference in which he chats openly to a fellow hack with his face mask hanging down under his chin.  This apparently takes place 15 minutes before the conference begins, immediately prior to which Peston pops his mask on.

Watch below.

Peston was among the first journalists to demand a mask mandate, way back in April 2020.

Note that Peston mentions the importance of preventing viral spread through coughing.  Well, listen to the first thing he did upon removing his mask in order to ask a question at yesterday's press conference...

These people are trolling you.  Do not comply.

As for demanding that people be ordered to keep away from hospitality venues, Peston should be barred from every pub in the land.  That is, of course, if there are any left following the coming onslaught.