Thursday 16 December 2021


The final Commons vote on Tuesday's authoritarian Covid measures was on mandatory vaccination for NHS staff.  Again, Starmer's Labour failed to provide opposition.  The vote was won 383-99, meaning that tens of thousands of NHS workers will be sacked in the spring.  Imagine sacking tens of thousands of hospital workers during a 'deadly pandemic' that we are told repeatedly threatens to 'overwhelm the NHS'.  It just doesn't make any sense, does it?  That is, of course, unless you're trying to force a vaccine on people for ulterior motives ie. the introduction of a digital health pass leading to a social credit system.

Keir Starmer managed to finally demolish any illusion that he provides any opposition to this dystopian nightmare on Tuesday.  He came around to supporting mandatory vaccination in even quicker time than he managed to embrace vaccine passports.  Just seven weeks ago Starmer said the following about Covid vaccines for NHS staff: "I wouldn't make it mandatory, I think that risks making lots of people losing their job.  We've got a crisis coming down the track for the NHS, it's going to be a very, very difficult winter.  The last thing we can afford is for thousands of people to be pushed out of their jobs in the NHS".

Watch below.

The process for introducing restrictions now follows a similar pattern in both Labour and Tory politicians.  At first they oppose, even vehemently deny that they would introduce such measures.  Then they do the exact opposite.  Worse still, the mass media does not pull them up on it.  If the government u-turns on anything else - sleaze, free school meals, exam results - hacks are all over it instantly.  Covid restrictions?  No, the u-turn passes without any scrutiny whatsoever.

The fact people still can't see the protection racket that's going on in front of their very eyes is the main reason why the establishment is still getting away with it.  If we stopped complying en masse it would collapse very quickly.  It still might, in fact it probably will.  As each rung on the social credit ladder is climbed by the UK government, more Tory backbenchers will realise they are conservatives - not communists.  Failing that, we are in for one Hell of a year for civil disobedience.

The breakdown on how the parties voted on mandatory NHS vaccination is as follows.

Ayes - 385

Conservative - 258
Labour - 124
SDLP - 1

For a full list of the MPs who voted yes, click here

Noes - 99

Conservative - 61
Labour - 22
Liberal Democrats - 8
DUP - 5
Independents - 2 (including Jeremy Corbyn)
Green - 1

For a full list of the MPs who voted no, click here

Compared with the earlier vote on vaccine passports, there was less of a split in the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs.  The majority of the SCG voted against the mandate, including John McDonnell.  Only Rachel Hopkins, Navendu Mishra and Sam Tarry voted in favour.

It appears that Corbyn's posse don't approve of communism when it is being implemented by a Tory government under the auspices of the World Economic Forum!