Tuesday 14 December 2021


Labour's new shadow foreign secretary has told the BBC that Plan B measures are in the 'national interest' - despite having previously labeled domestic vaccine passports as 'social apartheid'.  Dave Lammy said that the measures were required in the face of a 'health emergency'.  Just a reminder that as of Monday evening the percentage of UK hospital beds occupied by Covid patients stood at just 5.2 per cent.  Emergency you say?

Lammy also reminded viewers that Labour had always supported the retention of mask mandates.  In Labour-run Wales the mask mandate was never scrapped and vaccine passports are already in use.  Despite these measures, Wales continues to have a greater infection rate than England.  Great argument Dave.

Click below for the clip.

In a monologue on his LBC show earlier this year, Lammy slammed the concept of a domestic vaccine passport, saying they did 'not feel British' and their implementation would be a form of 'social apartheid'.  Quite right Lammy, so what happened in the intervening six months to change your mind?  Certainly not a 'health emergency' that's for sure.

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It will be interesting to see if Lammy also backs the vaccine mandate for health care workers, something that will result in tens of thousands of NHS staff being kicked out of their jobs.  Having just described a 'health emergency' that is surely not the best policy in such circumstances.