Thursday 23 December 2021


Critical thinkers who still watch mainstream media will be well versed in being lied to on a daily basis, especially when it comes to the pandemic.  Covid lies come thick and fast from the mouths of presenters and their correspondents, so it will come as no great surprise to see globalist vax tyrant Tony Blair trotting out some bullshit on Times Radio.

Appearing via a video link, Blair lashed out at unvaccinated people, labelling them 'idiots'.  He followed up that diatribe by attempting to spin the supposedly 'devastating' impact of the Omicon variant.  Blair was temporarily and uncharacteristically at a loss for words as he desperately searched for an appropriate doom-laden word.  After a long pause he came out with 'contagious' - not deadly, not dangerous, not devastating - contagious.  It was desperate stuff.

Watch the clip below.

Blair's suggestion that unvaccinated people are somehow more likely to catch the new variant is nonsense.  It is now common knowledge that Covid vaccines do not prevent anyone from actually catching the virus, although according to the latest government vaccine surveillance report - case rates for vaccinated people in five of the eight age groups are greater than those for the unvaccinated.

It's also absurd to suggest that the new variant will put 'a lot of strain on the NHS'.  South Africa has been repeatedly telling the world that Omicron is mild and in the last couple of days even our own government has begun to admit this reality.

Blair ends his piece by saying that efforts must be 'doubled' in getting vaccination out to the Third World.  That's a little bit rich coming from the man whose 'Institute for Global Change' this week raised the prospect of a fourth jab for Britons, in addition to jabbing children as young as five.  How is the UK going to vaccinate the Third World when it is jabbing its own people every three months?

Blair is not just calling the unvaccinated 'idiots', he is taking us all for idiots.  Don't be fooled.  He and his stooges lie when their lips are moving and everything that they propose has nothing to do with your health.  Far from it.