Monday 8 July 2024


Less than 72 hours into her new term as a Labour MP, Diane Abbott was back to her race baiting routine on Sunday.  The day after the England football team beat Switzerland on penalties, Abbott shared a montage of the five penalty takers on X, who all happened to be either black or mixed race.  She used this incidental fact in a bizarre swipe at Reform UK's immigration stance.

The penalty takers (from left to right) were Cole Palmer, Jude Bellingham, Bukayo Saka, Ivan Toney and Trent Alexander-Arnold - all of whom were born in England and only one of which is a second generation immigrant (Saka).  None of their parents, three of which are of native English descent, came on the boats that Nigel Farage and most of the British public are mostly concerned about.

X users were quick to lay into Diane, those whom she has not yet blocked (she blocked BTLP years ago).

If Abbott continues in this vein she will probably find herself sitting as an independent again, only this time she'll have to cross the floor and sit with the opposition - including Farage and the other Reform MPs!  At least she'll be able to sit with Jeremy...

Abbott is now the longest serving female MP in Westminster and succeeds her colleague Harriet Harman as the 'Mother of the House'.  Harman stood down at the election after 42 years in office.  On Thursday, Abbott was returned as the MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington with a drastically reduced majority.  Like her colleagues across London and other major cities, Abbott could only watch as her vote tally crashed.  Having amassed a colossal 39,972 votes and a 33,188 majority in 2019, Abbott picked up 24,355 on Thursday as her majority more than halved to 15,080.

If she can't keep her intolerant views to herself, we suspect a 75-year-old Abbott will be fighting the next election as an independent.

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