Wednesday 3 July 2024


In decades past, a vote for the Green Party was often seen as a harmless protest vote.  Voters saw it as both rejecting the status quo, but doing their bit for the environment in the process.  That was back in the days when the Greens couldn't win and some of their policies were bordering on sensible.

Fast forward to the 21st century and the Greens are now a far left outfit with extremist policies, many of which do nothing for the environment and undermine our green and pleasant land.  They are very much like Labour, except they are straight up and honest about their ill intent.  They are advocating for abolishing our borders altogether at this election.  And as we see with the left as a whole, they are so blinded by ideology that they cannot perceive a conflict in simultaneously embracing both Islamists and the Alphabet People.

Satirical website The Upper Lip has produced a hilarious video mocking the Greens (see below), complete with smug middle class commentator.

The Greens have also now entered the House of Commons, with Caroline Lucas having been the MP for Brighton Pavilion since 2010.  They are also odds on favourites to win Bristol Central at this election, doubling their number of Westminster seats in the process (this would actually unseat the Brit-hating Labour incumbent Thangam Debbonaire, so not all bad!)

A Green victory in Bristol Central would be an impressive result, with Debbonaire defending an otherwise comfortable majority of 28,219.  She has been the MP for the seat's predecessor Bristol West since 2015, prior to which it spent ten years as a Lib Dem seat.  The boundary changes favour the Greens, who earlier this year won every available council in this newly formed constituency.  They are now the largest party on Bristol City Council and the city is fast becoming one of Britain's premier far left strongholds.

But can hideous lesbian midget Carla Denyer triumph over Debbonaire?  This is one of the most difficult seats to call, a very tight two-horse race in which the Greens have thrown everything at.  Will it be enough?  We are going to buck all polling and betting odds to suggest that Debbonaire will cling on here.  Six candidates are standing, including the awesome Kellie-Jay Keen for the Party of Women (that is, actual biological females, and not the make believe women that Labour and the Greens advocate for).

Robert Clarke (RefUK)
Nicholas Coombes (LDem)
Thangam Debbonaire (Lab)
Carla Denyer (Grn)
Kellie-Jay Keen (Wom)
Samuel Williams (Con)

BTLP seat prediction: Lab WIN (new seat)

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