Saturday 9 January 2021


On the day that Twitter finally went ahead and pulled the plug on the democratically elected leader of the 'Free World', its fellow tech giant Google enacted an equally sinister move.  It was no coincidence that the Parler app - which models itself as a free speech alternative to Twitter - was removed from the Google Play Store hours after Twitter acted.  Additionally, Apple gave Parler 24 hours notice that it intended to remove it from its App Store too - if the platform didn't 'comply with [Apple's] content-moderation requirements'.

Twitter didn't just come for Trump, it deleted a whole host of pro-Trump accounts including that of his campaign team and his former national security advisor Michael Flynn.  When the President tweeted from official US government accounts in response to the ban Twitter deleted the tweets.

Twitter's totalitarian actions came the day after Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Trump would be suspended from Facebook for at least the rest of his presidency.  His page is still visible, but the President is barred from posting.

Clearly, the gloves are now off and war has been declared on conservative thought and opinion.  No-one elected these billionaire tech CEOs, but they now wield a frightening level of power over Western democracy, liberty and free speech.  While Parler's chief executive has issued a defiant statement to the the tech giants waging war on his platform, access to the app for new users will have been severely hampered by Google's actions.  John Matze wrote on Parler: "We won't cave to politically motivated companies and those authoritarians who hate free speech!"

If you're not already on Parler, you can still download it on from their website and we at BTLP would urge all our followers to do so as a matter of urgency.  We expect Facebook to pull the plug on both our accounts this year, while we still remain barred from accessing our Twitter account months after issuing a second appeal to our ban.  YouTube is no better.  Last week it deleted TalkRadio's channel, which has almost a quarter of a million subscribers.  Although it later reinstated the channel, the reason for its removal was sinister indeed - TalkRadio had broadcast alternative views on coronavirus and voiced opposition to lockdown.

As if all this wasn't frightening enough - bearing in mind it comes at a time that many Western governments have imposed devastating curbs on people's liberties - the assault on conservative speech goes even further than social media.  Tucker Carlson of Fox News reports that left-wing broadcaster CNN is trying to get Fox taken off air (see video below).

Incidentally, Tucker Carlson is one of a number of conservative commentators who mysteriously lost tens of thousands of followers during the Twitter purge.  As you can clearly see on the Social Blade Twitter stats website, Tucker inexplicably lost over 70,000 followers on the same day as Twitter banned Donald Trump.  This is not a coincidence, this is suppression.

The tech giants and mainstream media want to silence conservative voices and create a world in which everyone follows their woke rules.  We have to resist this.  Begin by downloading Parler now.

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