Thursday 21 January 2021


The BBC have tarred our wartime leader yet again by referring to him as 'controversial'.  In an article published on the BBC News website on Thursday, the Beeb refer to a bust of Churchill in the Oval Office as 'controversial'.  This harks back to their repeated references during last year's BLM riots to the 'controversial' statue of Churchill in Parliament Square.

The latest report discusses the decorative changes Joe Biden has made to the Oval Office since taking office.  Naturally, he's had a revamp and undoubtedly first to go was the Churchill bust that was reinstalled by Donald Trump after it had been ejected by his Democrat predecessor Barack Obama.  Biden is fiercely proud of his Irish heritage and is also a huge critic of Brexit.  Sinn Fein's Michelle O'Neill has made references to both since he took office, saying that the new president shares her party's view of Brexit.  She also issued the following sinister statement: "You can see all of his public contributions involve some element of presenting his Irishness and I think he'll be a good friend to us in the time ahead".  When she says 'us', she's not talking about Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, the increasingly woke Lisa Nandy also pilloried Churchill following Biden's inauguration, accusing Boris Johnson of trying to start a 'culture war over a statue of Churchill'.  Er, weren't the repeated acts of vandalism more of a war-like declaration Lisa?  The shadow foreign secretary added: "Joe Biden, he's a woke guy.  He appointed an amazingly strong woman of colour, who is also pro-choice, as his running mate, he mentioned the trans community in his victory speech, he stood up for the Black Lives Matter protesters, he spoke out about the policing of that movement, and he's never shied away from standing up for his values".

So much for Labour's newfound embrace of patriotism under Starmer.  Did Nandy not get the memo?  With such smug metropolitan elitist views she and her ilk are once again alienating the very people Labour need in order to win an election.