Monday 18 January 2021


Matt Hancock at the park on Saturday

The UK government's resident sociopath is trolling the British people again, this time by brazenly walking among us on a weekend we were told by his boss to 'stay at home'.  Health Secretary Matt Hancock was far from sheepish as he was filmed by a member of the public walking through Queen's Park in London carrying a rugby ball and covered in mud.  Hancock is seen practicing no social distancing and engages the man holding the camera in brief conversation while flashing his trademark grin, letting the public know once again that we are all a bunch of mugs.

While he has not broken any lockdown rules, this came the day after Boris Johnson told Britons not only to 'stay at home this weekend', but to 'really think twice before leaving the house and only do so if it's absolutely necessary'.

This government really is the pits.  Boris gave that message just a few days after he went for a bike ride across London, in defiance of the rules his government set.  They initiate these lockdowns, ignore the rules they've set - in full public view - and then blame the public for extending said lockdowns because the public don't follow the rules!  Rules for thee, but not for me.

There is zero accountability at the top and zero backlash from the blinkered lockdown enthusiasts who simply nod along with every diktat.

15.01.21 - PM's 'stay at home this weekend' message

16.01.21 - Matt Hancock's rugby adventure in the park