Tuesday 12 January 2021


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey subtly applauded the demise of his competitor Parler on Sunday.  Following its removal from Google's Play Store on Saturday, Parler quickly became the most downloaded app on the Apple App Store.  However, that ended when Apple also deleted the free speech app.

Parler topped the App Store prior to its removal by Apple

Dorsey celebrated with a screenshot showing that Parler had disappeared from Apple's number one slot, adding a simple heart emoji to show his appreciation for this co-ordinated and sinister attack on free speech.

If there is any doubt about Dorsey's political allegiances, his Twitter page and some of the official Twitter accounts continue to display a black cover photo to emphasise their support for Black Lives Matter.  Make no mistake, the attack on Parler was not so much about removing the competition as it was about silencing conservative voices.

Parler's CEO John Matze responded to Dorsey's tweet via his own network: "Yeah, we were number one until the fake news rage mob at Twitter and your anti-competitive friends went after us.  That's real cute".  Dorsey also pointed out the hypocrisy of the tech giants' logic, pointing out that the hashtag #HangMikePence was allowed to trend for hours on Twitter.

Less than 24 hours later and Parler disappeared from the internet altogether after Amazon completed the all-out tech assault.  We will let you know if and when it re-emerges.  Meanwhile, we are still trying to set up a Gab account, but the site keeps crashing and/or timing out every time we try to sign up.