Sunday 31 January 2021


Kwasi Kwarteng

The new Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has lashed out at BLM in an interview with the Beeb's Nick Robinson.  Referring to attacks on monuments and statues he described them for what they are - 'illegal acts of vandalism'.  Only in today's media-driven leftist echo chamber could such a matter of fact statement be regarded as 'controversial', but the way in which the BBC presented his views you'd think it was.

In a BBC News article posted on Saturday it was clear that such views were not expected from the son of Ghanaians.  This a typically leftist trope about people of colour, who they arrogantly assume as their own.  The rise of black conservatism in recent years continues to rattle them, but the truth is that the more woke the left become the more they drive ordinary black people away.

Kwarteng also criticises the left's demands to 'decolonise the curriculum', although he states that he does not fully understand what it is they want to achieve by it.  His reference to BLM's 'cartoon-like view' of British history appeared to irk the BBC more than anything, but then this is a broadcaster that pushes BLM's agenda - not only to regular viewers, but even in its 'Bitesize' resources for schoolchildren.  Bitesize has not only presented arguments for 'decolonisation', but it has also presented other left-wing concepts such as 'white privilege'.

While Kwarteng himself may not get it, it's clear that the agenda of BLM, the hard left and the BBC is to demonise our past in order to churn out a disenfranchised generation who hate themselves and their own country.  National pride is an obstacle to Marxism and therefore it must be removed.  Little wonder that the flag burners of America are all enthralled by BLM.

BAME conservatives also provide a significant obstacle, particularly as BLM seek to divide people by race.  It's no surprise that when it comes to this Tory government, the likes of Momentum often single out the likes of Priti Patel and Rishi Sunak for particular criticism.  They want them gone in order to push their racially divisive agenda and tar their opponents with 'white privilege'.

The full Kwarteng interview can be found here.