Tuesday 19 January 2021


With Parler offline thanks to the co-ordinated efforts of Silicon Valley and our Facebook pages under constant threat, we have now set up an account on another free speech app - Gab.  If you're already 'gabbing', please follow us here.  Apologies for the Corbyn wallpaper, this is temporary as Karl will begin working on new cover photos soon (including a long-awaited update for the top of binlabour.com).

It was never our intention to expand beyond our existing social media presence, but with both Twitter and Facebook continuing to censor our accounts, we have no choice but to keep our options open by exploring new avenues.  Gab was recommended by a number of BTLP followers.

On another good note, Parler's CEO reports progress in getting the site back up and running (see below).  The domain name is already back online with a holding page.