Saturday 2 January 2021


Despite declaring three months ago that the New Year's Eve fireworks display in London was cancelled, Sadiq Khan went ahead and squandered £1.5million on a fireworks display anyway.  The show was cooked up in secret to avoid crowds gathering, but the BBC were in on it and were only too happy to broadcast something that included politically divisive symbols - from a covert anti-Brexit message to the clenched fist symbol of Black Lives Matter.

The BBC tried to conceal the pro-EU message by claiming that the blue dove was in honour of the NHS, but the dove was not just blue - it was blue and yellow.  Not only that, but it appeared as the Tom Walker hit 'Leave A Light On' blasted out, a reference to the EU leaving a light on for Britain to rejoin the bloc.  It was not exactly subtle.

There was worse to come and there was no hiding the clenched fist as a voice-over announced that 'black lives matter'.  It was a shameful act by a shameless politician at a time when all people wanted was to enjoy a simple fireworks display, without any thought for political symbolism and woke lectures.  The display ended with an environmental message, along with a voice-over from Sir David Attenborough.  Climate change is very much becoming a rallying call of the left too, exemplified by the Marxists of Extinction Rebellion.

Khan has form for politicising New Year.  Two years ago the arch Remainer lit up the London Eye in the form of an EU flag.  Sadly, despite his woeful track record he appears nailed on for an easy victory in this year's mayoral election.  The most recent polls - conducted in October and November - both suggest he will achieve the 50 per cent required to win in the first round.  Furthermore, it is highly likely that the election will be conducted overwhelmingly by postal ballot.  Of course, we know which party that method favours.

Khan's pro-EU fireworks on New Year's Eve 2018

Khan's sickening ten minute light and firework display from Thursday night can be seen below.