Thursday 7 January 2021


Diane Abbott has lashed out at wealthy Tory backbencher Richard Drax in classic commie fashion.  On Sunday she demanded that he pay 'reparations' for his ancestors' involvement in the slave trade (see tweet below).

Abbott was referring to a Sunday Mirror article printed last month in which class war-style language lambasted the 'super rich' MP and linked him directly to the slave trade, despite the fact Drax himself has never known any of those involved as they are long dead.  Who is he to repay anyway, seeing as the slaves are all dead too?

This is another example of the 21st century version of communism manifesting as Black Lives Matter.  The wealth-related wedge these Marxists once drove into society is now just as much about dividing people by the colour of their skin.  It's also full of hypocrisy.  The Guardian Media Group is worth 200 times more than Richard Drax and was founded on the back of the slave trade.  Where is your outrage about that, Diane?