Tuesday 5 January 2021


The 2021 honours list was predictably woke.  Instead of dishing them out to individuals on the basis of merit, the government ensured that equality targets were met - ensuring that many people who did not deserve honours received them over people who did.  Women, ethnic minorities, the disabled and even LGBT people were selected in order to meet quotas.  The government even pandered to Black Lives Matter activists by honouring Lewis Hamilton - or Sir Lewis Hamilton as he will now be known.  They were so desperate to honour Hamilton that a long-standing veto on tax avoiders was foregone in order to do so.  Pathetic.  Of course if Hamilton was intelligent enough to grasp the Marxist ideology behind BLM then he would naturally reject the honour, but that's beyond his comprehension.

One of those making up the four per cent LGBT quota was Labour's Angela Eagle.  The MP for Wallasey was given a damehood 'for parliamentary and political service'.  Eagle has represented Wallasey since 1992 when she took the seat from the Conservatives, becoming its first ever Labour MP.  She was a minister in the Brown government and has served in the shadow cabinet of both Miliband and Corbyn.

Angela Eagle with her twin sister Maria, who also represents a Merseyside seat

In 2015 Eagle contested the deputy leadership election, but finished fourth from five candidates.  A staunch Remainer she resigned from Corbyn's front bench following the Leave vote and later launched a leadership challenge to Corbyn.  Despite her lofty honour, it will be this venture for which she is largely remembered.  Her disastrous leadership campaign lasted just eight days (albeit this was five days longer than Chuka Umunna's 2015 leadership campaign).  Withdrawing from the campaign in a tearful statement she put her support behind Owen Smith who was in actual fact much closer to receiving the required nominations.

Despite being a centrist she has been overlooked for a front bench role under Starmer.  Quite how and why this timid and hapless individual came to be chosen for a damehood is highly dubious, but if this increasingly liberal government is going to insist on woke quotas then the lesbian sparrow will have helped to fill more than one.

Angela Eagle's disastrous leadership campaign launch