Tuesday 12 January 2021


Labour's Ben Bradshaw and Clive Lewis

Imagine being so sore about losing that four years on you want to burn the whole place down out of sheer spite.  That's exactly what some of the most ardent Remainers are espousing.

Two of Labour's most bitter Remainers have both expressed support for the end of the Union, linking their desire directly with our break from the EU.  Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw told a German newspaper on Sunday that 'the political class in England must recognise Scots' right to self-determination'.  Of course this issue was settled in 2014, but as we know only too well - Remainers have no respect for referendum results when they don't get the result they want.

Bradshaw is perhaps most famous for his persistent unfounded claims that 'Russian interference' was to blame not only for Brexit, but for the election of Donald Trump also.  In his latest interview, Bradshaw uses SNP logic to justify IndyRef2: "The Scots expressed in the 2016 EU referendum and in the two subsequent general elections that they did not want to leave the EU.  Understand that the UK is based on the consent of all parts of the country".

That last point is absurd.  In the 1975 referendum there was no such requirement - the UK voted as one entity, not four, and would have left or remained regardless of how individual members voted.  The 2016 referendum was no different.  Basically what he is saying is that England and Wales should have been forced to remain in the EU on the basis that Scotland and Northern Ireland didn't vote to leave.  That is not how majority referendums work.

On the same day as Bradshaw was promoting the end of Great Britain, his fellow remoaner Clive Lewis was triggered by comments made by his party leader.  In an interview with Andrew Marr, Starmer had rowed back on a pledge he had made regarding free movement with the EU.  Lewis, a member of the hard left Socialist Campaign Group, tweeted that Starmer was guilty of 'policy by diktat'.

Ironically, Clive has no problem with diktats when they are being issued by the UK government with regards to coronavirus.  Funny that.

He then added a series of tweets on the question of Scottish independence and appears to conclude that Scots would be better off outside the UK.  However, he repeats the laughable mantra of the SNP that an independent Scotland should immediately seek to rejoin the EU - thereby surrendering its independence in the process.  What a wally.

There is so much else wrong with Clive's assessment.  Asides from his absurd description of the current crop of Tories as 'hard right', he fails to grasp the concept of nationalism.  If the Tories were 'English nationalists' they wouldn't be concerned about Scotland would they?  Has Clive forgotten that at the heart of government lies the hated Michael Gove, a born and bred Scot?

As for Clive's description of the EU as having 'democratic institutions', this is possibly the most ludicrous statement in a collection of ludicrous statements.  Four years on he and his ilk still fail to grasp that one of the key reasons Britons voted Leave is that the EU is far from democratic.