Thursday 14 January 2021


The 'taking of the knee' in support of Black Lives Matter is a phenomenon that still bizarrely takes place across several sports, eight months on from the death of the career criminal George Floyd.  Of course one of the reasons that the authorities have been allowed to get away with this for so long is the absence of sports fans.

When fans briefly returned to a handful of football matches in December, it came as a surprise to only the woke metropolitan elite that the knee gesture was booed.  Initially the media tried to scapegoat Millwall fans and thereby portray it as an isolated incident.  However, we know that fans at Cambridge United, Colchester United and West Ham United also heckled as players dropped to their knees.  Imagine the chorus of disapproval if fans had been allowed back across the more working class areas of the north and Midlands too?

Now that fans are once more banished from the stands, the custom appears set to continue indefinitely.  Many of us have been repulsed by this cultish act and have marveled from our living rooms that not one player has taken a stand.  While it's probably true that your average footballer does not possess the intellect to comprehend the dangers of Marxism, or the courage to potentially sacrifice their career and be vilified on social media, for thousands of them to routinely drop to their knees without a single act of dissent is reminiscent of the type of propaganda-driven mass hysteria that brought the likes of Lenin and Hitler to power.

That has now changed thanks to the principled action of one player.

Despite having previously taken the knee before matches, Nottingham Forest striker Lyle Taylor recently decided that enough was enough.  Not only that, but when he was questioned by a BBC reporter he gave a measured and very insightful statement as to why he opposed the Black Lives Matter organisation: "My support for what it is we are trying to achieve is absolute, but I do not support Black Lives Matter as an institution, as an organisation.  I’d request anyone who blindly supports Black Lives Matter to have a look to what that organisation does and what it stands for, because it’s scandalous the fact that the whole world and the whole world’s media got behind Black Lives Matter".  He went on to name the BBC and Sky specifically.

His full interview can be heard in our latest YouTube video.  Click here to skip to the interview, or watch the full video below.

It's worth noting that the sports reporter in question asked Taylor about BLM before he asked a single question about the match, in which Taylor had scored a stunning winning goal.

Taylor has form for criticising Marxists.  Before last year's general election he called out Jeremy Corbyn and then became embroiled in several Twitter spats with Corbynistas, one of whom said that they looked forward to December 13th when 'John McDonnell personally comes round to your house and takes away your Range Rover'.  Click here for our previous article on Lyle's online exploits.

Londoner Taylor is currently Forest's top scorer and reportedly has the support of his boss Chris Hughton for exercising his right not to take the knee.  Like Taylor, Hughton is mixed race, so perhaps shielded from the accusations of racism that would have undoubtedly been fired the way of a white player who rebelled against the cult.  It remains to be seen as to whether anyone has the guts to follow Lyle Taylor's lead.

Taylor dies his hair pink every October in support of Cancer Research

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