Monday 18 January 2021


Nigel Farage has hit out at the UK government's lax approach to border control.  The influx of boat migrants continues unabated and after almost twelve months of pandemic, they are only just beginning to clamp down on people entering via airports.  The government's total lack of border control throughout the pandemic has been scandalous and has undoubtedly led to many deaths.  Even as the virus began to tear through parts of Europe in February, passenger planes continued to flow into British airports with zero checks and no self-isolation required - including those from the virus hotspot of northern Italy.

Little wonder then that Britain has been hit so hard by variants from around the world.  Having been overtaken by Italy briefly last month, the UK has regained the unenviable title of the highest death toll in Europe.  On current trends the UK death toll will surpass 100,000 by the end of this month, despite mass vaccination and the imposition of yet more lockdown measures.  Is this ongoing catastrophe the result of incompetence or is it by design?

Click below for Farage's assessment of a UK government unwilling to 'take back control'.

It's also worth noting the huge contrast between how police have clobbered anti-lockdown protesters compared with their hands-off approach to the migrant protests in Tenby.  They demand a 'better life', but they appear to have more freedom than British people and it appears that some of them even have shiny new bikes...

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