Thursday 14 January 2021


The warped mindset of the left was on display again this week as Labour's Zarah Sultana posed a question to the vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi.  The young Corbyn loyalist spoke via video link as Zahawi fielded questions at a select committee meeting.  Sultana's question related to the vaccine roll-out and she asked, with a straight face, if the government had considered prioritising prison inmates.  She also refers to them as 'completely disenfranchised', while ignoring the fact that they put themselves in that position by committing criminal acts and are there as a result of due process.

Zahawi responded by reiterating that the government will continue to prioritise people in the existing order of priority ie. those who work in the health and care sector, followed by the elderly - regardless of whether those old people are prisoners or not.  The average age of mortality for coronavirus is 82, but Sultana wants the vaccine to go to convicted criminals instead of law abiding OAPs.  Sickening stuff, click below if you have a strong stomach.

When BLM say they want to abolish both the police and prisons they appear to be deadly serious, and Sultana's reference to 'detainees' suggests that she sees convicted criminals as prisoners of a state with no authority to hold them.  Very disturbing language.

Voters in Coventry South take note - you may currently live under a quasi-communist regime, but Zarah may be the sign of even worse to come.