Sunday 24 January 2021


Andrew RT Davies

Andrew RT Davies has been appointed leader of the Welsh Conservatives following the resignation of incumbent Paul Davies.  This will be his second stint as leader, having led the Welsh party between 2011-18.  With Senedd elections barely three months away the Tories clearly wanted a new leader in place as soon as possible.  Contrast this with Labour's situation in Scotland where a six-week leadership election will install a new leader just two months before voters are due to go to the polls.

The return of RT Davies sparked a furious response from Labour's deputy leader.  Two weeks ago Angela Rayner had written to the chair of the Conservative Party demanding that he be suspended from the party following a tweet in which he highlighted the double standards of Remainers who criticised the storming of the US Capitol building.  The tweet was innocuous, but Rayner's response was vitriolic.  She lashed out again on Sunday morning with two tweets...

It's worth pointing out that just three months ago Rayner was chastised in the House of Commons for heckling a Tory MP by shouting 'scum' across the chamber.  A bit rich, dear.

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