Wednesday 20 January 2021


by Richey Edwards

Today's inauguration in the United States is a stark warning to freedom loving conservatives everywhere.  While Bernie Sanders may have been rejected by Democrats, in many ways Biden is far worse.  He will be heavily influenced by the hard left domestically, while resuming the pro-war globalist outlook so loudly interrupted by four years of Trump.  Then there is the question of whether Biden, at 78 the oldest president and clearly suffering from dementia, will even make it to the end of his term.  Failure to do so would put left-winger Kamala Harris in the White House.  Whoever is there four years from now, make no mistake that America will be more woke than ever, the right will be angrier than ever and in between US planes will have dropped bombs aplenty.

The media onslaught against President Trump was unparalleled in history and for the feeble-minded it was easy to get swept up in it.  The BBC and the establishment will not speak up for his achievements, primarily because most of what he achieved was to undermine the globalist agenda which the establishment serves.  The uproar when Trump pulled US troops out of Syria is a case in point.

Having tried desperately to draw America further into the mire with logic-defying 'chemical attacks', the globalist movers were rattled when Trump initiated his America first policy by withdrawing.  They responded with dire warnings of more chaos, the massacre of the Kurds and the re-emergence of Daesh - a group that would never have inflicted as much damage as it did without the covert assistance of the Obama administration.  However, the warnings were soon discredited.  The Islamic State never rose again, but the conflict moved on with new alliances and new enemies squaring up.  One of those alliances directly contradicted what we were told would happen.  The Syrian government took up arms alongside the Kurds and the only people massacring Kurds were the Turkish invaders, ironically a member of that globalist tool NATO.

Syria would now be Russia's problem.  In line with Trump's America first policy, US service personnel would no longer suffer losses to a far off foreign conflict.

And that's the point.  Trump did not embark on any wars while in office, in stark contrast to those who preceded him - both Democrat and Republican.  While he has not entirely curtailed clandestine US involvement in the Middle East, he has taken boots off the ground and leaves office with that region in an arguably better state than it was four years ago - remember that when he took office the Islamic State stretched from the gates of Aleppo in Syria to the gates of Baghdad in Iraq.  Daesh was defeated on Trump's watch and the bloodshed in Iraq is almost at a pre-2003 level for the first time.  Compare this to the mayhem that Bush Jnr left the Middle East in or the chaos that Obama left - not only in Iraq and Syria, but also Libya.

Trump brokered the first peace agreement by any Arab nation and Israel
since 1994

You won't hear any of this on the news, in fact even on Trump's final day in office they are still trying to tarnish his reputation.  'Trump pardons dozens of criminals' was the media narrative.  Compare this to the 'final act of mercy' narrative that accompanied Barack Obama's final day pardons.  In fact why not compare the pardons of the two men overall - Obama issued a staggering total of 1,927 commutations compared to Trump's meagre 237.  The media coverage doesn't add up and once again shows that the establishment despised Trump because he deviated from their path.

The depths to which the media has sunk in order to attack Trump is perhaps no better symbolised than the 'kids in cages' fake news story.  Viral images of supposedly migrant children detained in cages on the US-Mexico border were in some cases fabricated, but a crucial aspect left out of the story was that this policy had been imposed by the Obama administration.  Still, if a lie is repeated often enough and pushed by straight-faced news presenters on a daily basis, it will eventually sink into the consciousness of the weak-willed.  For instance there are still many people out there who are convinced that Trump urged people to inject bleach into themselves to fight coronavirus.

Ah yes, the virus.  This was another tool with which to beat the President, although he did often make it all too easy for his opponents.  His nonchalant attitude would later come back to haunt him, although it is unfair to blame him primarily for the spread of the Chinese virus across America.  As with the nations of the United Kingdom, it is up to individual US states as to how they proceed with the virus.  In line with the values of the left - control and compliance has been the order of the day in mostly Democrat states.  Trump, as we know, is no fan of lockdowns and there is plenty of evidence to back him up.  States that have locked down the hardest and longest have faired no better - and in some cases worse - than Republican states taking a more libertarian approach.

Despite very different approaches in the three most populous states, the infection rate in Democrat-controlled California remains higher despite draconian lockdown measures including a curfew (7,733 cases per 100,000 according to the latest figures).  Compare this with Republican Texas (7,441) where there is no lockdown and an even better example of how lockdowns don't work - easy-going Florida where citizens are not even required to wear face muzzles (7,399).

Naturally, Biden will come into office with a pro-lockdown message.  With it he will speak the language of globalists and their 'great reset' aka the slogan 'build back better'.  Incidentally, there is someone else who pushes this agenda - our very un-conservative PM Boris Johnson.  He may have got Brexit done, but with each and every day of diminishing liberty and free speech in this country he herds us into the arms of a global eco-Marxist world order.  The virus itself will be the death of more than just 0.02 per cent of the world's population, the policies that stem from it will result in the death of liberty and livelihoods across the West.

It was ultimately coronavirus that did for Trump.  It ravaged the US economy, stealing him of his number one success story - record employment rates, record wages, record stock market growth.  He was literally making America great again when the virus swept it all away.  Not only that, but the all-consuming virus allowed the Democrats to initiate a largely postal election, a process that we in Britain know only too well always favours the left.  It's no coincidence that the likes of Keir Starmer and Sadiq Khan are calling for an all-postal ballot for UK elections scheduled in May.

As I wrote just before the presidential election in November, Trump provided millions of real conservatives hope.  In fact his message and his record spoke to so many that he increased his vote at the 2020 election by more than 11 million, eclipsing all previous votes for any presidential candidate ever - including Saint Obama.  Sadly and inexplicably, his opponent somehow bested this milestone by a further seven million votes.  Little wonder that there was so much dismay that the worst presidential candidate in US history - even worse than Hilary Clinton - received more votes than any presidential candidate in history.  Was there fraud?  Of course!  Was there enough to have swung the result for Biden?  That, we'll never know.

What we can be certain of is that we have not heard the last of Donald Trump.  While unlikely, he could still run again in 2024.  His ability to do so will depend on the outcome of his second impeachment trial, something that was quite possibly brought about in order to prevent him from standing again.  The huge increase in his vote came as a great shock to his opponents and was perhaps even more unexpected than his 2016 victory, particularly given the four year media-driven campaign against him.  The Donald is not only more popular than ever, but he has a huge fan base that will follow in whatever direction he chooses to take.

For all his egotistical faults - as freedom-loving patriotic conservatives, we owe this great man.