Thursday 31 December 2020


Theresa May used her contribution to the Brexit debate on Wednesday to eviscerate Keir Starmer, while taking a subtle swipe at her successor's agreement with the EU.  Wearing a face mask, she had glared at Starmer while he delivered his self-serving u-turn on Brexit, cynically aimed at those red wall seats he desperately needs to win back in 2024.  In stark contrast Boris was clearly having a whale of a time at Sir Squeaky's expense.

But then he achieved what she couldn't - or wouldn't - either by design or catastrophic miscalculation.  After all, if it weren't for her disastrous decision to go to the polls in 2017 things could have worked out very differently.  She had a small majority going into that election, but squandering it gave rise to the deadlock of 2019 and the failure to leave the EU as scheduled.  She may well blame Starmer for that now, but she is as much to blame as anyone.

Click below for her full speech at Wednesday's debate, and look out for Starmer's pathetic gesticulating as she quite rightly points out that he voted against her own agreement with the EU.