Wednesday 2 December 2020


The vaccine has 'not been rushed' we're told and 'no corners have been cut'.  In fact during the press conference to unveil the Pfizer vaccine we were told 'no corners had been cut' at least half a dozen times.  When they tell you that over and over again one thing becomes clear - plenty of corners have been cut!

After all, the average vaccine takes years to develop and some diseases have never yielded a successful vaccine, such as bubonic plague.  Likewise, there was never a vaccine developed for the first outbreak of coronavirus this century - the SARS outbreak of 2002.

Now we are told that after eight months not just one, but three successful vaccines have been developed for this current strain of coronavirus - almost simultaneously.  It is almost beyond belief and will have done nothing to quell the fears of many people who are alarmed at the speed with which this is being rolled out.

A visibly ecstatic Matt Hancock announced this morning that the vaccine roll-out can begin next week.  Hooray, so why then has England just been locked down until April if this is the case?  "The end is in sight" cooed Hancock.  Really?  Will there be another miraculous vaccine in the spring that can create jobs, Matt?  Given that the economy is in the toilet, businesses are going bust daily and millions face unemployment, most people do not share your optimism for the future.