Wednesday 2 December 2020


Labour frontbenchers have been struggling to defend their leader's decision to whip his MPs into abstaining on Tuesday's crucial lockdown vote.  Ed Miliband was grilled on Radio 4 this morning in a tense exchange with Mishal Husain, while Lucy Powell did battle with TalkRadio's Julia Hartley-Brewer ahead of the vote.  Hartley-Brewer rightly accused Labour of 'moral cowardice' by refusing to accept responsibility either way and the shadow business minister struggled to provide a valid counter-argument.  In suggesting that her party had abstained in order for the measures to pass, Powell only confirmed Hartley-Brewer's accusation.

Pathetic, and this from an MP who represents a tier 3 constituency, no less.  Labour will rue the day they abstained on this and in doing so failed to score a famous victory for jobs and businesses.

Click below for Powell's exceptionally poor account of this dereliction of duty.