Wednesday 9 December 2020


The mainstream media's detachment from the masses was highlighted again over the weekend with their hysterical reaction to the booing of BLM virtue signalling at Millwall.  For left-wing journalists it's simply inconceivable that a crowd of people could object to the knee, the same way in which they struggled to accept the Leave mandate.  By lashing out with the 'racist' label they are once again tarring the majority of the British population who simply don't want to support an organisation that wants to overthrow democracy, get rid of the police and destroy the family unit.

Last night Millwall were playing another home game, this time a London derby against Queens Park Rangers.  Millwall players did not take the knee on this occasion, but instead held up a banner bearing the logos of various anti-racism campaigns including Show Racism The Red Card and Kick It Out.  There was no reference to BLM and the fans respected their decision, proving that Saturday's booing had nothing to do with racism and everything to do with a Marxist movement that had rioted on London's streets earlier this year.

However, Sky News completely misrepresented last night's pre-match events to fit their own BLM agenda, bizarrely tweeting that fans 'cheered support for Black Lives Matter'.  The tweet conflates two separate incidents, showing a picture of QPR players kneeling while the headline references the Millwall banner.  Millwall fans did not at any stage cheer BLM.  In fact they once again showed their disapproval of this disgusting organisation by cheering a non-BLM banner and cheering their players for not taking the knee.  It's a remarkably twisted tweet (see below).